Agar Tum Na Hote, 16th March 2022, Written Update: Niyati Is Once Again Separated From Her Daughter


MUMBAI : The robber blames Niyati for deceiving him since she brought the police Niyati keeps on saying that she did not do anything wrong but he tries to run away, she follows him with all her might but is not able to and even throws the child, Niyati gets really tensed seeing it, she rushes after the child only to find that it is a doll, she realizing she has been fooled keeps following him but he manages to get in the tempo, Abhimanyu is following him with all his might however he manages to escape. Abhimanyu feels he failed.

The entire Panday family is performing the pooja in the Pandya Mansion, meanwhile Angad is smiling seeing their tension, Ram and Sulochana are also really worried, all the members of the Panday family one by one perform the pooja for the safe return of their Guria.

Inspector orders his men to take out the car since they need to follow the temp, Niyati requests the kidnapper to not take her child away, she turning to Abhimanyu mention she made him vow that he must not follow her so why did he not listen to her, Niyati sits down on the road when Abhimanyu sits assuring he only came for her safety and did not even try to catch him but he does not know how the kidnapper knew about the truth, Niyati says she doesn’t know anything and only wants back her child, she questions why did he come, Niyati hugs Abhimanyu while weeping, exclaiming she needs her child.
The kidnapper in the temp takes off the mask, he assures the work is complete and just as he said, Angad ends the call smiling.

Niyati mentions he once again took her child, she demands Abhimanyu to bring back her child, saying she feels that he would kill her child, Abhimanyu apologizes mentioning he feels he should never have come to her and assures he did not come to catch him but only to hide, Abhimanyu explains he cannot understand how did the kidnapper knew they would be here because they never made a noise and he feels that the kidnapper already knew they would be here. Niyati feels tensed and is dizzy.
The kidnapper in the tempo is laughing mentioning that he told him to take the shortcut as the police would not be able to find them, he gets a call from Angad assuring that he took the money and did not give the money to Niyati, he questions what else should they do now.

The Panday family is in the house when Kinkar enters through the door, Manaroma greets him but he asks Mr Panday what happened since he was longing to meet his niece but got tensed after finding out what happened, Mr Panday informs that they were not able to even hold her, and this all happened, they are just waiting for Abhimanyu’s call, Mr Panday answers it in excitement asking if he found it but Abhimanyu replies that he was not able to stop them and they took away their child, he requests Mr Panday to use all of his sources as they need to find their daughter, Niyati snatches the mobile saying that he must not make the same mistake which Abhimanyu did because the kidnapper ran away after he saw the police.

Abhimanyu questions why is she still blaming him since he apologized informing the police only came as a backup but she is still blaming him, The inspector calls asking if they found the temp informing it doesn’t have any number plate, Niyati goes to him asking if he found it but when he refuses then Niyati exclaims that she made him swear that he must not come but even then he refused to accept her and came, because of which her daughter was taken away from her, Abhimanyu informs they both must remain like one as there is no point in fighting and she must calm down, Niyati is just crying.

The kidnapper reaches the hideout when he stumbles, then places the child on the desk, Angad comes from the corner when the kidnapper hands him the money assuring he will do his best to calm down the child, Angad however picks the child explaining that she is crying for the child but even her parents are crying for her, yet she will not be able to meet them in her life.

Niyati and Abhimanyu are in the car when he wonders where did the temp go since in order to get on the highway they would have to use this same path but no temp passed this way, he wonders where could have they gone to, he realizes that there is a secret path which not many people know about, he feels they would have used the same route when Niyati advises him to use the same path.

Angad is holding his niece exclaiming she is his step niece but even then, he is her family member and the only one who has seen her face, since no one else has even held her in their arms.

Sulochana questions why did Abhimanyu take the police when Niyati asked him to never do anything of the sort, Manaroma informs he and Munna felt worried for the safety of Niyati and Guria which is why she sent them after her, Sulochana questions what was the need for her to show such love since when she her entire life hated Abhimanyu and even her daughter so what is the need for this fake love, Manaroma informs this is not true but Sulochana is really mad, Ram asks her to calm down.
Angad is sitting when a beggar enters exclaiming someone said they would get the money here, Angad informs she heard it correctly, he explains this child will be the way by which she earns money, the begger refuses to take the child but he insists, Angad starts giving her money instructing he about what she needs to do, he informs she needs to make this child live the life of a begger and also make sure that she passes through the street on which Mr Panday lives, and most importantly she must make sure the child lives the life of an orphan, he exclaims only then would his revenge be completed, he gives her more money. The begger starts smiling revealing that she can raise four children for such an amount. He sends her away exclaiming now his revenge would be complete since both Abhimanyu and Niyati would suffer and this child will have a life worse than what he suffered in his childhood.

Abhimanyu informs Niyati they have almost exited the city, so the kidnappers would be somewhere close, the begger reaches the road while the child is crying, Niyati sitting in the car feels the cry of her child, as they pass by the beggar she informs Abhimanyu that they have gotten close.

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