Agar Tum Na Hote 21st February 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati finds out the truth about Manaroma

MUMBAI: Agar Tum Na Hote 21st February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

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Niyati shouts for help as the fire progresses, the men leave in their cars after which the house lights up in flames. Manaroma in the house is wondering where is Govind, and why has he not called yet, she receives a call from Govind who mentions that the circuit house is in flames and it is impossible that Abhimanyu and Niyati could have been saved, Manaroma going to Mr Panday exclaims she told him that today would be the last day of Abhimanyu and his wife Niyati, she was plotting against her but got trapped in her own plan, so lost her life and Abhimanyu’s, she says he can sleep like this while she is going to see her victory with her own eyes, and even bring a photo for him so he doesnot miss anything, Amma je comes asking Manaroma if Gaju woke up, she replies that he has not moved while she has been talking to him for so long however he is not even replying, Amma je questions why is she losing hope since she is the one who takes care of the family, Manaroma requests if she can go to the Mandir as she is not feeling nice, Amma je allows it before going to sit with Gaju, praying to Bhagwan that everything gets sorted when Manaroma thinks she has gotten late as even Bhagwan cannot bring back those who have died.

Manaroma reaches the circuit house which is still burning, she praises Govind for his work before walking up the stairs recalling the past memories, she opens the door entering where both Abhimanyu and Niyati are lying down on the floor, he exclaims they both would have died of suffocation, she asks him to wait outside. Manaroma kneels to Abhimanyu exclaiming she never wanted to kill him but this is because of his stupid wife that she had to kill him, she exclaims his kismet connection with Niyati was wrong as they both had become a Shrab for each other, but now Niyati while leaving has taken her biggest burden since she finally took her revenge from Gajender Panday, she first made him lie down on the bed in illness as now she is going to go back and inform him that his son and daughter in law have died, the most powerful person of Lucknow would realize how he was not able to save anyone. Manaroma sits down mentioning that because of Gajender Panday she lost not only her love but also everything in her life including the love, she even lost the child of Bhagwati, he is not her son but stepson, she always wanted to tell him how much she hates him as he is not her son, but she was not able to do so.

Manaroma exclaims that her family members did not understand her love for Bhagwati, and he was into politics even during their collage days, but her family did not approve but they did not know that she was about to be he mother of his child. Bhagwati was arrested yet she was not able to tell him, he went to jail for three years, her family members did not want her to give birth to the child, yet she gave birth to him but was not able to keep him with her, so he was sent to an orphan. In the meantime, she was married to Gajender Panday and her family wanted her to raise the child of Gajender Panday, she questions how is this fair. Manaroma exclaims that she had to marry Gajender Pandya even when she never wanted, but she did not end her love and used him as her shield, she said that she would not give birth to her own child which is why she had to raise him as her own so she cannot be his wife, she waited for three days so Bhagwati got released, she would run away with him and live her own life, but when Bhagwati got released he got angry knowing that she got married so he also married someone else and had a daughter named Shugun, she also made them both meet.

Manaroma recalls how she met with Bhagwati informing him about their son, he also said that he searched a lot for her but was not able to find her, they both planned how they will ru away and Bhagwati assured how he knows what to do with him, Manaroma exclaims that Gajender Panday then stood between Bhagwati and her love, Gajender killed him so she had to run away from Bihar while leaving her son behind, she had to once again leave those two people because of whom she was alive, she lost everything and even thought of giving up her life, but she stayed alive so that she can make Gajender Panday suffer for his son just like she did for her own son, finally her injury has filled. Niyati suddenly exclaims that she said she will find out the reason for her hatred, Niyati stands in front of Manaroma who gets tensed seeing her alive, Niyati exclaims she is still alive, she said that no one can kill the person and even her hair would not be hurt, Manaroma kneels beside Abhimanyu trying to search for his pulse.

Niyati assures he is still alive and would not let anything happen to him till she is alive, people tend to forget that the one who saves is bigger than the killer Niyati thinks she woke up as the flames got higher and tried waking Abhimanyu but he did not respond. She managed to untie him assuring she will not let anything happen to him so they both ran away from the house, she was about to leave with him but then heard Govind talking that she is coming, so there was a sigh of hope and she came back because she felt Manaroma would reveal her entire truth hearing about their death, which is what she did, Niyati mentions she knows how hard is it to keep that anger within, she desired Abhimanyu should also hear her truth which is why she sent the news to her about their stay at this house, but her fate is still powerful that she was not insulted in front of her son, and the thing which hurt her the most was that she called herself as a mother since no mother can do it to her child but she even got the answer and now her only mission is to reveal the truth about Manaroma in front of the entire family, she will find all the proofs which Manaroma has kept hidden so now she must see it as her backward counting, Manaroma takes Niyati by the neck exclaiming her revenge cannot be like this so Niyati must die and when she exclaims Manaroma has been defeated, she is not able to accept it, Abhimanyu starts to wake up, seeing which she is shocked so suddenly leaves Niyati, she acts as if she cares about him but then he stands in front of her, Abhimanyu hugs her, he exclaims his head is hurting when Manaroma questions how did this happen to her, he recalls that Niyati said that she sent the news back home so Manaroma will surely come for him, he informs that someone hit him on the head, Niyati says someone had sent goons to kill them.

Also Read: YAY: Niyati goes back to Abhimanyu’s house in Zee TV’s Agar Tum Na Hote!

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