Agar Tum Na Hote 21st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu fights with Niyati

MUMBAI: Manaroma in shock questions if he got her killed, Angad replies he only had her kidnapped but did not kill Guria, he feels there is only a single way hius life would be spared because Niyati needs to go away from Abhimanyu because if she finds out the truth, she will tell Abhimanyu after which he would not be able to live, he says just as they both have lost their daughter she will also lose her son.

Manaroma exclaims she will not wrong her Munna anymore but Angad exclaims that she will have to do it as she needs to make him believe that he has to go away from Niyati, Manaroma however explains she cannot do it anymore, Angad explains that if she cannot see them both get separated then would have to see him die, he says she cannot see Abhimanyu and Niyati separate but can see him die in front of her, she stops him when he holding the gun on his forehead asks if she is going to convince Abhimanyu that he needs to live without Niyati, she finally accepts that she will do just as what he desires , she sits in front of him when he thanks her before walking away, meanwhile Manaroma starts crying lying down on the floor, he turns off the gun pointing it towards Manaroma, Angad sees how there are no bullets in the gun.

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Ram also says that he doesnot like that person Gaju, he replies that he is just a poisonous snake, kinkar explains the police is investigating and would find out the truth, Amma jee says what would happen since their Guria will never come back.

Rupali exclaims she cannot understand what is going on in this house, she is worried what if Abhimanyu mis behaves with Angad, karan mentions even Niyati has crossed her limits by blaming Angad.

Ram and Sulochana are with Niyati, she assures her that everything would be fine.

Manaroma slowly walks to the room where Abhimanyu is sitting, he starts crying and hugs her explaining they even killed her, even after taking the money when Abhimanyu asks if their enemies are behind it all but mentions he failed as a father since it was his responsibility to protect her but he was not able to do it, Manaroma exclaims that he has not lost as nothing like this would have happened if Niyati had listened to him, he and the police were constantly saying that they need to trust the system as the kidnappers might kill the child if they give the money, Abhimanyu recalling how she made him swear asks Manaroma what is she saying, she goes to the table picking the knife when Manaroma questions why did Niyati not listen to him when he advised how they should not give the money but Niyati did not listen to anyone of them, she should have trusted the police but in her stubbornness she inflicted harm on their daughter, Abhimanyu recalls when Niyati insisted that she doesnot want to take any risk, recalling this he starts believing in Manaroma so rushes out of the room in anger, Manaroma takes a deep breath while holding the knife that has cut into her hand, she is still crying hysterically. Manaroma sits beside the console, apologizing to Niyati because if she had not done it today then both the mothers would have lost their children, she had to do it in order to save Angad.

In the night, Ram and Sulochana are with Niyati when Sulochana explains that all this happened because of Abhimanyu, Manaroma sent him and the police after her, he doesnot think of anything else in front of Manaroma, she advises Niyati to take Abhimanyu away from Manaroma if she wants to save her marriage, Ram also explains that she has wronged them all when they considered her to be a sister, she first wronged Gaju and Abhimanyu and after that refused to give the money, she is just using them all. Abhimanyu asks them to stop it, he reveals he considered them as his own parents but they are blaming him for what happened to his daughter, everyone gathers in the hall when Abhimanyu is blaming them both, he explains Ram tried to get Niyati married knowing he was married to her, Niyati tries to calm him when Abhimanyu explains he heard how her parents are blaming him for the death of their daughter, he says that there was a time when she would not listen to anything which someone said against him but today did not say anything to her parents, Niyati reveals he is not understanding but Abhimanyu replies should he accept the blame that he and his mother are responsible for the death of their Guria when in reality she is the sole person responsible for her death, everyone is shocked to hear the blame, Ram tries to calm him, Niyati stops her father revealing that no one would come in between, she asks what did he say that she is the reason their daughter died.

Abhimanyu replies she indeed is the reason because if she had listened to him then their Guria would be alive, he has lost his daughter because of her, Niyati in anger asks Mr Abhimanyu Panday to stop, she says the mother who tried to kill him even then he cannot listen anything against her, while he made the mother a killer of her own daughter but he is wrong as she made him swear that he will not come but he followed her, their daughter lost her life and trusted his mother and police more then the mother of his own daughter, she explains Manaroma has always wronged him and she knows that what he is saying are the words of his mother, she explains he has just remained a son and was never ready to be a father, otherwise he would not have thought away from the truth, Abhimanyu raises his hand to slap Niyati but stops, everyone is shocked to see his anger. Niyati meanwhile is standing in front of him, he controls himself asking if she is blaming that he was not able to be a father, she is blaming him when in reality she killed his daughter even after being a mother, he exclaims it is enough and she needs to go from here, he pulls Niyati while everyone tries to stop him. Angad smiles seeing it all from the balcony.

Abhimanyu is pulling Niyati out of the house, he pushes her away saying she should go away from his life and must never come before him, Niyati is shocked hearing what Abhimanyu has said to her. She is standing looking at Abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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