Agar Tum Na Hote 22nd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati leaves the Panday Mansion vowing to find out the truth

MUMBAI: Abhimanyu pushes Niyati away ordering her to leave his life and not come before him because the face that used to show him love is now revealing the death of his Guria, he exclaims he is ending their love and the kismet connection forever, Niyati is shocked to hear him say it, the entire family is also tensed when Mr Panday questions what is he saying asking if he has lost his mind, he requests Niyati to come inside the house, Niyati is looking at him.

Ram says he told her that this boy is not worthy of her but even then she took his hand and cured him, she should see what he has done to her, Sulochana also asks her to see what has happened today when Gajender questions what are they both doing as they are the elders of family and must try to convince their children otherwise how would things get sorted, Ram questions what would happen now because his daughter has only suffered in this house, she first suffered his mental illness then the deception of Manaroma and after that this all situation. Niyati explains that she promised to cure him but now today is also going to promise him that she is surely going to find the true killer of her daughter, she is going to reveal the true face of his mother and her son, until then she will not leave this city, Niyati explains she will not let him forget the pain and suffering, Durga maa made them both meet on a monsoon night which was the same but today they are separating however there is no need for the killer of her Guria to smile since she is surely going to take her revenge, this is the promise of a mother. Sulochana asks Niyati to come, she turns to take the blessings of Gajendar Panday and Amma jee before walking to Rupali and Devi, they also wish her. Niyati looks at Manaroma and Angad with anger, she picks the band which Amma jee gave to the nurse, before tu87rning to leave the Panday mansion, she walks past Abhimanyu who is shocked. Niyati finally takes the blessings of Kinkar who requests him to stop Niyati and not let her go but Abhimanyu exclaims that he should let her go, he warns her to not come back in this house, everyone is really tensed while Abhimanyu is furious.

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Niyati is walking out of the house with her family, Abhimanyu recalls the memories which he had with her, how she took care of him when he was not mentally stable, she also recalls that he said they donot meet but it is Niyati which causes them to meet, she walks out of the house while he is just standing there, they leave the Panday family, Abhimanyu faces down because of shame, Niyati turns to see him recalling how he promised to give their child the happiness of the world, and after knowing about the birth of a daughter they were relieved but then Guria got kidnapped, he after finding out what happened to her started blaming Niyati, she was not able to bear it, Niyati leaves the house. Angad smiling thinks now his mission has fulfilled since the separation of Abhimanyu and Niyati means the ruin of the Panday family, he will be the one to control the family now, mother hood is a difficult task since one mother caused their relation to end because of her son while the other mother left her family because of their child.

Abhimanyu rushes into the room and he starts recalling what Niyati said that she will prove him wrong, he in anger starts thrashing the room.

Ram is with Sulochana saying that they will go to the hotel and in the morning leave for Bombay, Sulochana exclaims where are they going to go since they would need to rent a place, Niyati is shocked and turns to them saying that they have sold their house for her sake, Ram questions what is to worry since he did it all for his own Grand daughter and there is nothing to be worried about, Ram insists they go back but Niyati mentions she will not leave without making those who killed her daughter pay for their actions, she hears the bell ringing in the Mandir so requests if she can go there for some time.

Manaroma is in the room hitting the wall thinking what has she done to Munna, Angad comes to stop her questioning what is she doing since there is no need to harm herself, he questions if she thought about what will happen to him if she is not with him anymore, he makes her sit on the bed then applies bandage on the injury, Manaroma is just crying, he asks what is causing the pain, she must be happy since she proved that she loves her real son more then the step son, he is really happy with her action, Angad kissing her hand, he stands to leave so he can bring warn milk for her, Angad standing at the door thinks now he is going to rule in this house while making the step brother live like a servant, he on the other hand will rule.

Manaroma enters the room to see Abhimanyu in distress, he hugs her while crying hysterically asking how she saw that Niyati blamed him for all that happened but he was not the one to kill his daughter, Manaroma hugs Abhimanyu.

Niyati sitting in the pooja exclaims everything ended in a single night, she doesnot have anything left and doesnot even have any memory of her daughter since she did not hold her in her hands, she made such a big promise to her daughter but is now really scared, wondering how she would be able to fulfill the promise, she asks Maa to show her the way, just then the beggar is walking while drinking and holding the baby, the beggar exclaims why is she not stopping crying, the beggar also sits at the steps of the mandir then places the child on the steps when Niyati hears her cry, she thinks of her daughter and so turns to look, she is not able to find anyone and looks hysterically, the bells are still ringing. Niyati walks to the stairs where she sees the child on the steps. Niyati is not able to control herself so starts smiling, she sitting beside the child thinks that if her daughter was alive then would look the same as this child, she tries searching and calls asking whose child is this but no one replies, Niyati once again kneels beside her, picking the child she is relieved, Niyati hugs the infant, before walking into the Mandir, she thinks she got the answer to her questions, this child is now going to be her daughter, meanwhile Abhimanyu is crying while hugging Manaroma.

Update Credit to: Sona

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