Agar Tum Na Hote 29th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Nidtiya meets Abhimanyu duringHoli Celebrations

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Holi celebrations going on and Abhimanyu enjoying the event playfully.

There, Niyati sends Nidtiya to go and play Holi with kids of her age. She turns to go aside, but Nidtiya runs to her and convince Niyati that she is now a big girl and wish to play Holi with her mother. Niyati agree. Nidtiya brings color to put on Niyati. Her grandparents with happy that Nidtiya convince Niyati for anything, it has been six years that Niyati hadn’t played Holi. Ram tells Sulochana that Nidtiya will bring her out of her distress soon.

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Maya brings food for Kavya and insists on eating. Kavya wanted sweets which had finished. Abhimanyu says he will bring sweet for Kavya, he already has to take someone’s jacket. As he turns to leave, Angad shouts at Abhimanyu for a refill. Gajender goes to him questioning how dare he calls to his Abhimanyu. He pushes Gajender hard so that he falls on the ground. Amma ji takes Gajender away. Abhimanyu blows a whistle to take Angad’s attention and brings a refill for him. He offers the drink to Angad, watches him sip and politely reminds he had forbidden him to misbehave with his family. Angad asserts that like Abhimanyu, his family is also his servants. Abhimanyu twists Angad’s arm and says he mixed poison in his drink; within next 30 minutes he will be dead. Angad chocked at this while Abhimanyu applies color on his face and leave.

Niyati tells Ram that she must go and meet that lady. She has waited for her for past six years, and she is in Mumbai now. Ram assures her now to worry about Nidtiya. Niyati prays in a temple corner for a way out to find the killer of her child. Nidtiya spots Niyati leave and starts crying. Someone place a hand on Nidtiya’s shoulder. Nidtiya recognizes him as uncle. Niyati gets into an auto. She sees Abhimanyu in backview mirror but jerks believing it a thought only. Nidtiya wishes Abhimanyu a Happy Holi. Abhimanyu didn’t expect to meet her. Nidtiya says this seems to be a Kismat Connection matter. Abhimanyu remembers having same beliefs once, but now he didn’t believe in luck. Abhimanyu had come to return the jacket. Nidtiya brings Abhimanyu to the market. The vendor wasn’t ready to return the jacket as it was now stained with color. Nidtiya bargains. Abhimanyu laughs at her talk, and buys the jacket. Nidtiya objects at his act. Abhimanyu was ready to keep the jacket as a symbol of their friendship. Nidtiya offers to shake hands with him to be friends first.

At home, Anand behaved strangely. Jain calls Abhimanyu and asks which poison he mixed in Angad’s drink. Gajender was happy at Abhimanyu’s act. Abhimanyu tells Jain there was nothing in Angad’s drink. Angad’s grab the phone and questions how he dare. Abhimanyu warns that this was a prank, but if he continues to misbehave with his family, this prank will soon come true. Everyone mocks Angad. Angad was enraged and says he has played a bigger prank with Abhimanyu, as Abhimanyu’s daughter must be begging on streets of the same city today and he wouldn’t even recognize her.

There, Nidtiya brings the sweets for Abhimanyu as a gift, and assures her Nanu will pay for this. She kiss his face. Abhimanyu was moved. He asks for Nidtiya’s house address. Nidtiya says they have a special connection and will continue to meet on their ways. Abhimanyu remembers he was the same her Nidtiya. He leaves.

Niyati reaches the address. A beggar lady gives her some change to pay to auto. She knocks at the door. A lady appears. Niyati introduces herself as the mother of the girl who was kidnapped six years ago by her husband, and was later murder. She wanted the truth of her daughter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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