Agar Tum Na Hote, 7th April 2022, Written Update: Abhimanyu Takes Nidtiya To The Panday Mansion


MUMBAI : Sulochana is really tesned when Niyati walks into the room she immediately asks where is her father when Niyati stopping her explains until Abhimanyu and Angad take back the case, they will not release their father. Niyati explains even the court case will start really soon so they would have to do something, hearing this Sulochana starts weeping.

Mr Panday says he has been trying to inform them for the past half an hour that Ram Mishra has not even raised his hand on him so why are they not believing anything, the inspector explains they would understand everything after talking with Angad hearing this he gets really mad when Angad exclaims Gajender Panday has become old news but these days there is only Angad going on in Lucknow, Mr Panday is about to beat him when Meera stops him.

Sulochana asks if this was the condition of Angad, Niyati replies not only him but also Abhimanyu as they both want it for their own case, she reveals that Abhimanyu wants to protect his mother while Angad himself, Niyati questions where is Nidtiya, she starts calling her but Sulochana reveals she went with Abhimanyu, hearing this Niyati gets stunned and even drops the vase questioning why did she let her go, Sulochana exclaims it is possible that they are not aware of the truth otherwise he would have come straight to the house but this is not possible, Niyati gets shocked exclaiming even then she should not have allowed, she questions where did Sulochana drop her, she reveals that she took Nidtiya to the house of Sharma jee where she asked him to keep an eye on her while her friend and his uncle come to pick her up.

Niyati is running to bring Nidtiya while she is waiting on the steps of Sharma jee, Abhimanyu and Kaviya stop when she comes to hug Nidtiya, they both are laughing and even Abhimanyu hugs her explaining that when she left the house he thought that the plan has been ruined but he is glad that she came back as they are going to enjoy, Sulochana stops Niyati from going in front of Abhimanyu as it might only cause problems for them all, Sulochana explains that she has clearly instructed Nidtiya to not tell them about her until she fully trusts them all so she is sure Nidtiya would not reveal anything but they need to find a way to release her father and meet a lawyer.

Nidtiya gets out of the car and is amazed to see such a big house, she is really mesmerized with it and wishes even their house should be like it, Abhimanyu asks her to think of this house as her own when Nidtiya replies that this house cannot be her as it belongs to him when Kavya asks her to come as she is going to give her the tour of the house, she starts showing her the garden explaining that it contains twenty-five trees, Nidtiya is left stunned. Abhimanyu then takes Nidtiya into the house, she praises it and seeing the Mandir immediately rushes to pray in front of it, Abhimanyu starts smiling thinking she is so young but even then knows it all, Meera comes to Kavya and asks who is she, kavya reveals that she is her new friend but before they were enemies however uncle helped them become friends, Nidtiya comes running taking her blessings, Meera asks her name and is shocked, Nidtiya reveals that her mother told her to always prostrate before Bhagwan and respect the elders, Meera exclaims that Grandmother would always like them a lot. Kavya explains that she has gone to Banaras but if she was here then would tell them a lot of stories about Bhagwan, Meera asks him to go and meet his father just once when Abhimanyu assures, he is going to come back.

Mr Panday is talking with his friend Bhoja jee explaining there was time when he would do any thing but now he is even refusing to help release his friend, he ends the call in distress when Abhimanyu asks what happened, Mr Panday questions why was he not attending his call, Abhimanyu reveals he went outside to the market but Mr Panday questions why did he get Ram arrested as there is even a limit to hate someone, Abhimanyu replies that he has not done anything but Mr Panday reveals that he is the one who said yes when Angad called him. Abhimanyu replies he felt that it would be something related to Niyati, Mr Panday reveals that Niyati came to their house but then Angad called him and even he said yes, he reveals that he got in a fight with Ram when he went to meet him but after that Angad also took his name in front of Niyati, Abhimanyu is really angry saying that Ram uncle would be released within ten minutes.

Abhimanyu enters the room when Angad is drinking the beer and says that his beer has ended, Abhimanyu breaks a bottle and he even threatens Angad questioning why he do it when he asked him to do anything with him, Angad explains he did it for him because Niyati is the one who has filed the case against him and his mother takes it back and after this clause is filled then everyone would be released and this is what he desired, Abhimanyu in anger explains he wants it to happen because he knows his mother is innocent and even Angad doesnot have anything to do in it because Maa took his side however what he did to papa is really wrong, Angad starts smiling asking if he has felt sorry for Niyati so his old love is starting to come back, Abhimanyu explains that he only hates her and has not even give anyone the right to come in between them, he only has ten minutes to make sure that they are released.

Angad questions how did he dare question him, he is about to hit him when the children come so they both stop, Kavya questions why are they fighting when Abhimanyu explains they are just playing boxing, he hits Angad twice so questions if they liked the game, he asks Bhabhi to take them away assuring he is going to join them, when he warns Angad to never come in between him and Niyati. Angad is really angry.

Niyati in forms Sulochana that the lawyer assured that it is going to take some time to make sure her father is released when he calls her from behind, she in shock explains she is glad he came back, Ram reveals that Angad took back the case hearing which Sulochana says she is glad they still value the relation when Ram replies they never valued the relations.

Abhimanyu informs Gajender Panday that Ram uncle has been released, Mr Panday asks him to now also start giving his relation some time since then he might be able to end the differences between them both, Abhimanyu replies he has started giving the relation some time hearing which Mr Panday is delighted. Nidtiya and Kavya come running down when she reveals that he is the father of her uncle Abhimanyu so is her grandfather.

Ram in anger explains he never thought Abhimanyu would threaten her and even send him to jail, now what is left but this is enough as she needs to end the burden of this relation, she is going to take divorce from Abhimanyu, Niyati is shocked hearing this.

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