Agar Tum Na Hote, 8th April 2022, Written Update: Abhimanyu Is Eager To Meet Nidtiya’s Mother


MUMBAI : Kavya informs Abhimanyu that they want to play hide and seek and even Nidtiya exclaims she wants to play it, Abhimanyu also agrees explaining he really wants to play it so will find them both, he starts the counting when Mr Panday thinks that she is a really beautiful girl and seems as their own.

Ram exclaims they do not have any sort of relation with them anymore, Gaju in an attempt to show his power sent Ram to jail and who knows what they will do to Niyati or Nidtiya, hearing this Niyati explains that Gaju papa did not send him to jail but rather it was Abhimanyu.

Ram exclaims he never thought that Abhimanyu would act so low, and now that it has finally happened Niyati would stop working for these relations as there is nothing left in it, she will file for divorce from Abhimanyu.

Nidtiya is trying to find a place to hide, she doesnot know any place that is suitable meanwhile Abhimanyu is still counting.
Ram mentions one the divorce is finalized they are going to leave this city one and for all.

Nidtiya is trying to hide and she enters the store room where the photo of Abhimanyu and Niyati is placed, she walks in front of it but then is about to fall however Abhimanyu catches her, exclaiming he managed to catch his friend, Nidtiya replies that they have a rule in which after the person finds them, they have to catch them before the finish line, Abhimanyu argues explaining he also played a lot of hide and seek but there was no such rule, Nidtiya explains the game has changed over the time, she runs away exclaiming she always comes first in racing so he would not be able to catch her, Abhimanyu thinks how Niyati also used to say that she would always win, he runs after her.

Nidtiya while running’s bumps into Devi causing her to fall, Devi questions who is she, Nidtiya introduces herself as the friend of Kavya, Devi exclaims then she is the one about whom Meera was talking about, Abhimanyu also comes asking Devi if she is beautiful, Nidtiya takes her blessings explaining since they met for the first time she had to touch her feet, Nidtiya asks Abhimanyu to help her, he replies he forgot as he was just looking at her, she asks him to help his aunt meanwhile she is going to beat him, Abhimanyu in excitement also starts following her, she without looking bumps into Angad causing his phone to fall down, he in anger is about to slap her but Abhimanyu stops him, he is also really angry.

Ram exclaims Niyati hates Abhimanyu then why does she want to maintain this relation, he questions why is she not ending it all. Niyati explains that until she is able to prove the truth, until she is able to give the reply for each blame, the hatred cannot end. Ram exclaims even now her eyes fill with tears whenever she talks of him, Ram mentions all this hatred is from the outside and why is she wanting to keep this relation, this is what scares him the most so now she wants to move ahead in life but when Niyati doesnot agree, he locks them both in the room.

Abhimanyu asks Angad if he has any sense because he was about to slap a girl, even when she is just playing but Angad questions if she wants to play then should go in the garden, Abhimanyu gets angry but Angad warns him to stop this and must not search his daughter in all the children as neither Kavya nor this girl has any relation to him, his daughter died six years ago, Abhimanyu starts weeping then he kneels down asking Nidtiya if they should go to meet Kavya since she would be waiting for them to watch the movie.

Ram comes to the window holding the kerosene oil, he pressurizes Niyati to agree on divorcing Abhimanyu because if she doesnot then he would light himself on fire, Niyati requests him to calm down as they can talk in a peaceful manner but he is really eager to make her accept his desire, he is about to light himself when Niyati finally accepts his decision to divorce Abhimanyu.
In the night Ram is standing when Sulochana coming from behind questions if the childish behavior that he depicted in afternoon was right, Ram replies even she acted this and got Niyati married to Abhimanyu but because of her decision the life of their daughter has been ruined, he is just trying to correct her life but his hands are tied because of this relation however once it ends then he is going to show that family what he is really capable off.

Niyati sitting in the room is thinking about all the beautiful memories that she has with Abhimanyu, how they both were really close and even were ready to welcome their daughter but then it all turned for the worst, Abhimanyu started to blame her for the death of their daughter.

Kavya is telling stories on the dinner table how she told the teacher that Dhruv was pranking everyone, Meera asks her to sit down and eat. Nidtiya is thinking how Angad asked Abhimanyu to stop thinking about his own daughter in each and every child, she starts weeping and Abhimanyu meanwhile prepares a bite for her, she is just constantly thinking about something.

Abhimanyu looking at the stars in the night, think when he asked Nidtiya to think of it as her own house but she said that she cannot call this as her own house and even she performed the pooja, Nidtiya comes to sit beside him asking if he believes that if they pray in front of the breaking star then it is fulfilled, Abhimanyu explains that he was always told that it is the truth however Nidtiya exclaims that they are just meteoroids’ which only explode and there is just one right place from where he should play. Nidtiya takes Abhimanyu to the Mandir mentioning he should only pray here because her mother says that she is the elder mother of them all, and will hear all the prayers. Nidtiya offers to pray for Abhimanyu, meanwhile kavya, Mr Panday and Meera also join them, she prays that ever desire of Abhimanyu comes true and he remains happy, Abhimanyu questions why did she pray for him when Nidtiya replies that because her mother says they should pray for those thy love and he is really a nice person, she asks if she can tell a secret and reveals that he is a nice person, she never had any fun like before but would have if her father was alive, Abhimanyu questions if she doesnot have a father, when Nidtiya explains she cannot tell him anything because her grandmother told her to not reveal the secrets to strangers. Abhimanyu says so what happened since they have become such good friends and she can tell him all the secrets, Nidtiya reveals her mother told her that she got separated and they donot live together anymore, he mentions her mother would be really awesome as she raised her alone so he would like to meet her someday when Nidtiya exclaims he can meet her today.

Sulochana hugging Niyati explains she knows her father’s actions were wrong but he did not say anything wrong as what is the point in keeping this dead relation when even she has also not told him that Nidtiya went with Abhimanyu.

Nidtiya asks Abhimanyu if they should leave, she wishes everyone good bye when Mr Panday stops her offering some money but she replies that her mother would scold her for taking money from a stranger, he says that since she called him her grandfather then how is he a stranger, she looks to Abhimanyu who signals her to take the money when she accepts it before touching the feet.
Abhimanyu is with Nidtiya who asks him to tell her mother that they are coming back otherwise she would get tensed, Niyati is shocked to see that Abhimanyu is calling her, Sulochana advises her to answer the call and talk with a changed voice, Nidtiya questions what happened to her beautiful voice, Niyati replies she got a sore throat. Abhimanyu asks her to give the address as he knows the location but not the correct address. Nidtiya explains there is nothing to be worried about since she knows her house, Niyati wonders what will she do now since Abhimanyu is coming to her house.

Precap: Abhimanyu informs Niyati that they have reached the location from where he picked up Nidtiya so she should come there, Abhimanyu is sitting in the car when he is shocked to see Niyati walking towards the car.

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