Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 12th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Veer speaks to Rani on call

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Veer says you are right. I am being hasty. I should wait. Ranvijay says yes thank you. Please go and rest. Rani looks at Ranvijay. She recalls she called Veer from her phone. Veer picked the call. Rani said it’s me. He said I didn’t forget your voice. How could you do that? Are you okay? Tell me your address I am coming to pick you. Rani said I am on a college project. He said you’re lying. Rani said it’s better that I stay away from everything. I need time to think. He said what do you want to think? Tell me what’s going on. Rani said actually.. She recalls she got a call from Dehli that Digvijay never reached Dehli. Rani thought. I have to save him. Rani said I will feel better here. Veer says how can I leave you alone like that? Rani says trust me I will be back in a day or two. Don’t worry. Veer says okay if you are not listening, do what you want. But on one condition. You have to video call me every day and assure me that you are safe. Rani said you won’t tell anyone that we spoke. Veer said promise.

Scene 2
Rani hears Ranvijay talking to Jai. Ranvijay says Veer didn’t go to the police station. He’s back home. Jai says don’t forget this SIL now. Ranvijay says how can I forget you Jai Singh. I have spent a lot of money on you. NOw listen.. Rani hears it. Ranvijay says you will take food to Digvijay. I have to stay here and keep an eye on Veer. Rani says this Jai is so disgusting. He’s with Ranvijay? Rani says thank God I found some clue. He’s okay. Now I will go to him through Jai. Rani says I have to find him but how?

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Rani comes to Rani sa. She says can’t sleep? Drink this milk. Rani says I had a question. Where is your daughter? I heard she recently got married. Rajeshwari says her name is Nandini. Rani says I wish I could give her shagun thaal. It’s a ritual in our village. It gives her blessings. I thought you must have sent it. You didn’t? It isn’t late yet. I will get the thaal ready and will give it to your daughter. Will you come with me? Rajeshwari says we don’t have any such ritual and you better stop it either. She says her in-laws must follow it. we should give. Rajeshwari says okay I will give it. Rani says in heart I have to find out about dad’s location. Rajeshwari says in heart she’s annoying but she has a good heart. She cares for everyone. Rajeshwari says go and rest. You’re old. Rajeshwari says devi.. where are you going? That’s Veer’s room. Rani says oh God. Vikram says your guessed wrong this time. Rajeshwari says it’s downstairs.

Scene 3
Rani comes downstairs. Champa says where are you coming? No one can come in like this. I have worked here for years. Do as I say. There are a few rules in this house. Rule no. 1, stay away from Rani sa. Only go to her when it’s necessary. In this room a lot of things are said, they stay in this room. Rani says I know everything Champa didi let me sleep. Champa says didi? Rani is confused. Champa says you’re so old and calling me didi? How do you know the rules of this house? She says this isn’t the first house I have worked in. You act like a didi so I had to call you didi. Go and sleep now. Rani lays down. She says I know you can’t sleep either Veer. Veer tries to sleep. Veer says why did you have to leave me? How will I spend these days? Come back fast.

Scene 4
The next morning, Mausa ji says to Champa see this. Why don’t you clean the floor? I see dust under the sofas. You do one work and don’t do it honestly. Now clean in front of me. Champa recalls how Rani used to ask her to clean. She says Rani left this Mausa ji to annoy me. She cleans the house. Mausa ji says I am so tired. She says I cleaned everything and he’s tired? Mausa says I helped you so much, won’t you do anything for me? She says yes? He says bring me these things. He gives her a big list and says this is pooja stuff, get it from the market. Nothing should be missing. Champa leaves. Mausa says there’s one more thing. My chooran, bring that too. In breakfast, make lithi choka, then make hot tea with pakora.

Scene 5
Veer drinks his coffee and recalls Rani made it for him. He said you learned to make coffee?? Rani said yes for you. He spit it and said it’s so bad. He said I am joking. It’s good. Veer calls Rani. Her phone rings in the kitchen. Champa comes there. rani hides her phone. Champa says how dare he give me such orders. rani left these stupid relatives on me. Champa says to Rani don’t tell anyone. Rani says why are you so mad? Veer keeps calling Rani. Pinku comes to Veer. He asks are you calling Rani? When will she come? Veer says she will come soon. Veer asks is everything okay? Pinku says.. he’s shy. Kajri comes and asks him to say it. Pinku comes back to Veer.

Ranvijay says things aren’t getting better. I have to take my son away from here. I can’t take a chance with Veer. I should check Rani’s phone. Veer must have texted. He looks for the phone. It’s not in his closet. He wonders where did the phone go? Did someone have it? He’s scared

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Precap-Rani calls Veer and says it feels good. He says worrying me? Rani says seeing your care. He says that’s why you left me alone? Why are you not here? Rajeshwari says devi.. Veer says Rani? Why is someone calling you devi?

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