Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 14th July 2021, Written Update: Rani sees Kumud’s bangle in the patient’s room

MUMBAI: Scene 1
The teacher scolds Rani’s group for not having the project. Rani comes in and says here’s the project. He checks it and says it’s really good. Rani says my team helped me. Here’s the research they did. He says you’re the first group that did the research. The students thank Rani and say thank you for helping us. Friends? Rani says sure.

Veer recalls about the patient. He says what’s my connection with this patient. Rani comes there and says I came to pick you. Why do you look upset? He says I was thinking about that patient. When he hears our family’s name he reacts. Could there be something? Rani says don’t worry. For now just focus on his treatment. Let’s go see him.

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Scene 2
Nandini’s greh parvesh is done. She picks the thaals as per the ritual. Malini says you should always take care of her. His dad says if he does anything I will pull his ears. Jai says I will always take care of her. He picks her and says I will keep her like a flower. We will do breakfast in the room.

Jai looks at her jewelry. He takes her necklace off. Jai says let me keep it in the locker. Nandini gives all her jewelery to him. He says let me come back. A goon calls jai and says you haven’t returned the debt. He shows the jewelry and says now I will have all the money.

Scene 3
Kumud looks at the patient. she says I have to see who he is. She peeks in. Kumud sees his face. She says how could it be possible? Maybe he just looks like him. She takes his mask off to see. Kumud says it’s him. She’s shocked. He can’t breathe. Kumud tries to make him wear his mask. Veer and Rani come in. Kumud hides. Veer runs to him and calls the nurse. They give him first aid. rani sees a bangle there. She recalls seeing it in Kumud’s hand. Rani says this is Kumud’s. How did it come here?

Scene 4
Nandini waits for Jai and recalls what Veer said. Jai says your pretty face doesn’t look good with sadness. She says as per ritual the eldest brother comes to pick his sister. What if Veer doesn’t come? Is he the same brother? He says I didn’t know our wedding night would be sad. We will always be togehter. I am with you in everything. Did you want to work right? And be independent. But Rajawat family doesn’t allow that. But I am not like htat. I only want you to be happy. I have thought of somethiong. A new business with your name. Nandini hugs him and says thank you Jai.

Rani comes to Kumud and says why did you come to the hospital? Kumud says why would I? I was working here. Rani shows him the bangle.
Veer says to the man you’ve become a riddle for me. What’s this connection between us? My heart says I know you and you know me. I feel like you would get up and call me Veer. I don’t know what would you say next. I hope you would help me. Kumud says what are you saying? Rani says how did it end up in the patient’s room? He couldn’t breathe. Kumud says it isn’t mine. Rani says show me your hands then. Big Vijay comes there. Kumud is wearing the same bangle. Rani asks another hand? Kumud is wearing the watch in it. Kumud says it must belong to someone else. Rani says why are you so worried then? Vijay says Rani.. What are you doing here? She says in heart what is he doing here? Vijay says Kumud I had to come to remind you of my tea. Rani wonders what’s wrong.

Precap-Veer sees the patient reacting to Rajawat family’s picture. Rajmata asks Vijay what secret are you still hiding? He says Veer is neither my son nor Kumud’s. Veer asks what’s his blood group? They say it’s O negative. Veer says that’s my blood group too. Veer gives him blood.

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