Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th October 2021 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Rani-Veer, Vikram-Kiara get married

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Jai Singh telling Nandini that she has ruined his game, and says he has to do something now before Rani plays her game. He says I have done so much to get Rajawat’s wealth. Nandini says you have betrayed me Jai. Jai asks her to keep her voice down. Veer and others come there. Rajeshwari slaps him. Rani asks Nandini to slap him. Nandini slaps him and says I hate you, I loved you so much, but you betrayed me. Inspector comes there and asks Jai to come with them. Jai asks what is my crime? Inspector says doing fraud with the royal family, cheating the girl etc. Jai asks what is the proofs? Rani shows the recorded proofs and his confession. He says so this was your plan and fooled me. Rani says yes, you was fool already, could have tear the papers, what to say. Jai asks Nandini to save him from going to jail. Rani asks him to apologize later and calls her. Champa comes there and gives statement against Jai, telling that he has beaten Nandini, and made her do the house work etc. Rani recalling asking Champa to give her statement against Jai, as he is not loyal to his parents and wife. Rani asks Nandini what is the use of this relation, where there is no respect. Jai apologizes to Nandini. Nandini says I am tired of dragging this relation. Rajeshwari asks why didn’t you tell me. Nandini says I don’t want to trouble him. Jai asks his mother to save him. His mother says I don’t want to look at you. He then asks Nandini and Champa to save him. Rani says it won’t look good if black heart guy goes so clean face to jail. She blackens his face, while he tries to resist. Inspector takes him. Rajeshwari apologizes to Rani for believing Jai Singh and not trusting her. She says I have two daughters now. Nandini and Rani hug Rajeshwari. Nandini tells that my brothers marriage happen lavishly. Rani says lets shake the hands and make a new start.

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Rani thinks why Vikram and Kiara haven’t returned till now and calls him. She thinks there is no network, don’t know where he has gone. She thinks where did they go and gets worried. Kajri is forcibly about to marry Vikram and tells Kiara that she doesn’t care about her, will take 7 rounds with Vikram. Vikram asks Kajri not to do this. Kajri says I don’t want to do anything wrong and says don’t force me to take any wrong step. She says if I want then I can do anything. She starts taking rounds with him. Kiara is holding the recorder and stops the mantras. She asks Kajri to let her go, and says your sister called me and that’s why I came here. She says I was about to marry Veer, but got trapped by Vikram. She asks her to open her rope and let her go. Kajri says she loves him truly and don’t want his wealth. She says you want to get rid of this world, I will free you. She is about to stab in her, when Vikram hits Kajri and makes her faint. Kaira and Vikram have a hug. Kiara asks him to break the lock with stone. He says we can’t leave Kajri here, as she is bhabhisaa’s younger sister. He says she loved me, but I don’t love her, it is not her mistake. Kiara says I can’t good lifepartner like you. Vikram and Kiara bring Kajri home. He tells them everything. Everyone is shocked. Kajri gains consciousness and asks Vikram if they are married. Rani slaps her for forcing her love on Vikram and doing wrong. Mausa ji also scolds her. Kajri apologizes to Vikram and asks him not to break friendship with him. He asks her not to kidnap him again. They laugh. Rani’s father comes to the marriage and greets Rajeshwari and Rajmata. He asks where is Rani? Rani comes there and hugs him. Veer also comes there and take his blessings. Vikram and Kiara come ready to the mandap. First Vikram and Kiara’s marriage solemnized, while everyone shower flower petals on them. Then Rani and Veer come to marry each other. They exchange garlands. Song plays…..Tera tu hi jaane bhed piya…..They start taking the rounds. Veer makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji gives them best wishes and says I am telling you with the warning, apna time aayega. They all say apna time aayega.

The show ended on a happy note, with Veer and Rani’s marriage and Vikram and Kiara’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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