Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 17th June 2021, Written Update

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Dadi takes Rani with her and Veer goes with Ramo. Dadi says you used to say Veer is very nice. Rani says I was wrong. Dadi says sometimes the time is wrong not the people. Rani says he has shattered me completely. He’s full on anger. He’s burning me for his hate. Is that how husband and wife are? He has done so much damage. I can’t cry anymore. I am very angry. Veer says I am mad because Rani lied to me. You know how alone I have been. Ramo says yes I know you since childhood but you couldn’t know my daughter. When there’s a problem in relationships you solve it. Once talk to her you will know.

Rani says there’s nothing left to talk about. I am really angry. When he comes in front of me I realize how he accused me. I can never do anything like that. He did wrong. I thought all men are like my dad. But he wasn’t. He didn’t even listen or trust me. Rani cries. She says I tolerated his anger but I can’t answer this filthy question.

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Veer says I questioned because I wanted to fix what went wrong. He tells what he saw. Ramo says she can’t do this. Veer says Rani has shattered me so much I can never be the same. I am alone again. Rani says I was alright alone. He ruined everything. His questions hurt me so much. He filled everything with hate. I am so alone now. I can’t go back now. When there’s no trust there’s no relationship. I don’t want this shallow relationship. Veer says she betrayed everyone. What did she want? Big house? Money? Cars? What? There are two ways to succeed, one to work hard and one to misuse other people’s hardwork. Rani has misused me. Ramo says enough Veer.

Scene 2
Jai gives money to the goon and says keep doing what we asked. Rani and Ramo will never get this land. Birju sees them. He says this man is with Jai Singh. I will tell Rani. He keeps an eye on Jai.

Ramo says I have respected you like Rani sa. I wanted to solve these problems but I won’t hear these things about my daughter. She has a dream and she wants to fulfill it. She doesn’t need your name to live upto it. Your marriage was done by God. You have ashamed me and questioned by saying that about my daughter. You questioned her without knowing anyone.

Jai comes to meet Rani sa. Birju sees them and you dogs can never change. Rani says do you know who I am. He says then see what you are doing to stop Ramo’s store. She says you can’t dare to accuse me. He throws a stone towards her. Rani sa says how dare you. He says this was my first and last warning. Jai hits him on head. Birju falls down.

Ramo says you should have spoken to Rani before saying all this. Rani says he has ended all this. This won’t have happened if you spoke. But now it’s all done, I have only one thing to say. Please go from here. Veer is shokced. Rani says I am not speaking as your kaka but as Rani’s dad. Rani sa also wants you to go from here. He says Rani is here? He says yes. She is in the lodges waiting for you and Vikram. You should go. Veer is upset.
Rani says this is our reality. What should I say now? I can’t believe he questioned me like that. I am tired. This is the end. Rani hugs her and cries.

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Rani gets a call. She says yes I will make the project. He asks do you have laptop? Rani says I will arrange it. Rani says this journey is mine now. I can’t keep his name. I am not Rani Rajawat, just Rani now.

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