Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 18th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Rani meets Veer

MUMBAI: Scene 1
The event starts. Rani comes there with ghunghat. Veer runs after her. The song ankhon ki gustakhiyan plays. Rani sits with other girls. She dances around Veer. Veer tries to run after her. Veer holds her hand and takes her to a side. Veer takes off the veil. Veer says I told you. You would lose. Rani says I also said I can lose from you. He says come I want to show you something.

Scene 2
Vikram comes to a case to meet Kiara. She says long time. Vikram says yes. They are both awkward. Vikram says I have started divorce proceeding. It will take some time. She says thank you. I am sorry. I have bothered you so much. He says it’s your right to take divorce if you want. Kiara says coffee? Vikram says sure. They get two cold coffees. Kiara recalls her moments with Vikram and Rajeshwari saying I chose you for Veer only. Be the guest not family. Kiara says did you tell Rani sa? I understand. That day whatever happened, she doesn’t like you meeting me. Vikram says I am really sorry for that day.

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Scene 3
Veer brings Rani to the room. He has decorated the table with food and everything.

Vikram laughs. She says why are you laughing? He says our marriage was weird. When we got married we weren’t in senses and now we are separating and our senses are back. Kajri sees Vikram and Kiara. She shoves Vikram and says wow, you said you have work and now you are here with this girl? Is she your girlfriend. Kiara says who are you? Kajri says I am the best. Pinku says she is his friend. She says I am also guest. She says you didn’t want to come with us and left us there and you are having fun here? Pinku says sorry to Vikram. Vikram says enough Kajri. People are seeing. Go sit in the car. She leaves and looks madly at Kiara. Vikram says I am really sorry. I will talk to you later. He leaves.

Veer gives bangles to Rani. Ranvijay comes downstairs. He says where did devi go? This is bad news. Veer isn’t here either. He looks for them. Veer makes Rani wear the bangles. Ranvijay looks for them. He says where did devi go? Veer makes Rani eat. Rani says first you. She makes him eat. The song chaptilak plays. They look at each other. Ranvijay comes there. He is shocked. Veer is sitting alone. Rani isn’t there. He sees the other plate. He asks Veer why are you sitting here? He says everyone is enjoying here and you are here? Veer says I was eating food. Let’s go downstairs. Veer leaves. Ranvijay recalls Veer said Rani will have to break my fast. He says rani came here. Veer won’t break his fast otherwise. If Rani is here I have to find her. Before she exposes me.

Scene 4
Ranvijay says to Jai Rani is alive. She came here. Jai says how is that possible? You said she’s alive. He says don’t waste time and find her. She can ruin our game. Jai says how is that possible? If she were alive she would have exposed us and told Veer everything. Ranvijay says let’s go and search her. She’s alive and in this house.

All women do arti. Ranvijay looks at them with Jai. Jai tries to see women’s faces. They shove him. Nandini sees Jai. Nandini says Jai.. what are you doing? He says I was looking for you. Nandini says why? He says I wanted to surprise you that I can find you in so many women. She says stop it and stand here. Don’t go anywhere. Ranvijay looks at Jai.

Scene 5
Rani looks at the bangles Veer gave her. She smiles. She dresses back as devi. Rani says I don’t like being away from you either. But to save dad I have to do this. Just a few more days, after that I will expose Ranvijay and Jai.

Jai tries to find Rani. Devi comes there. She sees him trying to find Rani. All women touch Rajeshwari’s feet. Rajeshwari gives shagun to Nandini. She says it’s your first teej. Jai takes it. Nandini says thank you. Nandini hugs Veer. She says don’t worry. I won’t fight with you before rakhi. Call Rani. Tell her she can’t miss rakhi. Veer says what do you want on rakhi? Jai says cash. Veer says what? He says nothing. Let’s go Nandini. Veer asks what do you want? She says I want your love and support only. I should go now. She leaves.

Scene 6
The next morning Veer recalls his moments with Rani. Ranvijay sits with him. He says even on teej rani didn’t come? I am sure she must be busy. Did she talk to you? Veer says yes.. I mean Rani must have fasted. Ranvijay says in heart Rani is alive but where is she? She took her phone. She came here. Before she exposes I have to tell her. Veer asks what are you thinking? Ranvijay says if she were here I could give her shagun. Veer says she will be back soon. Veer says I have to go. He leaves. Rajeshwari stops Veer. She says this is for Rani. Teej’s shagun from my side. I want you to give it to her from me. I would be very happy. Veer says don’t do these dramas and don’t waste your time. He leaves. Rajeshwari faints. Veer holds her. He says are you okay? Sit here. I told you not to fast. I am sure you didn’t even take your medicine either. Rajeshwari says who is asking this? The one who was leaving me or the one who is concerned? Hate and care can’t go together. I always fasted for ritual only. For the first time I fasted with my heart but he isn’t with me here. I don’t know why who I go close to, they go away from me. Ever since I considered you my son, you don’t accept me as your mom. You can hate me but you can’t stop me from giving love from my side. Digvijay gave it to me on my first teej. I wanted you to give it to rani on her first teej. Veer takes it. Rajeshwari leaves. Veer leaves.

Ranvijay texts Rani from Veer’s phone to meet him today. She agrees. Ranvijay says I knew you wouldn’t say no to Veer. but when you come to meet him I will be waiting for you there.

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Precap: Ranvijay was doing something to Pinku. Rani/Devi comes and says, stop. Ranvijay says that her plan was good, but she didn’t execute it properly. Now along with her and Digvijay, Pinku will pay the price too.

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