Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 19th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Ranvijay kidnaps Rani and Pinku

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani comes to the hospital and asks what’s the surprise that you called me here?? Ranvijay swivels the seat and says surprise.. You are very steadfast. You lived after falling from the building. Rani says you are disgusting. He says the one who I care for is my son. You didn’t tell him anything and you won’t be able to tell anyone. That was an accident but now.. I will kill you with my hands very easily. He tries to come to her. She throws a curtain at him. Rani says you can’t kill me. She tries to run. Rani goes out. Ranvijay runs after her. He says where did she. Rani lays on a stretcher. Rani says before he harms my family.. I have to go home.

Scene 2
Champa cleans the house. Mausa comes there. He says let me tell you how to clean. She says you could break this bottle. He says is this alcohol? She says no it’s special drink Rani sa got from abroad. All rich people drink it. He says I am also famous in my village. She makes him drink. He says it’s bitter but good. Champa says now see what I do.

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Rani disguises as Devi and sits in the rickshaw. She says let’s go. Rani says before Ranvijay does something I have to stop him. Pinku calls rani and says Jai has gone to meet Digvijay. I am following him. Rani says tell me the location. You don’t get into all this. Get back home. They are dangerous. Message me your location. Pinku says I can’t leave you alone. He asks the driver to keep following the car. He messages the location to Rani.

Scene 3
Rani comes to the location Pinku sent. She says no one is here. Someone pats on her back. It’s Ranvijay. Rani is shocked. She tries to act like devi.

Drunk Mausa ji sits on the floor. He says to Rajeshwari let’s talk. Ever since I came here everything has been great, food and stay. But there is one thing in my heart. He faints. Rajeshwari is disgusted. She tries to leave. He says please sit. I want to talk. She says say it fast. He says you have a good heart. Ramu was your servant for 20 years. You made his daughter your DIL and gave her all the love. You kept us here like a family too. There is one wish in my heart. I don’t have a sister. If God had given me a sister I would really love her. Do you have a brother? She says no. He says so this raksha bandhan I will be the brother and you will be the sister. She says i have work. I need to go. She leaves.

Scene 4
Ranvijay says what are you doing here? She says I came here for some work. He says what work? She says I met my husband here. He went to the village but I was here. So I came here to relive my memories. I should go home now. There’s a lot of work. He sees her bangles and says stop. Will you go home? She says yes. He says I am also going home. Come with me. Rani says in heart how will I go to dad. He’s around. Ranvijay says let’s go. Rani sees her bangles. She tries to take them off. Ranvijay gets a call and says stay here. Jai says Rani’s brother has been following me. Our secret is out. Ranvijay says where did Pinku come in between? Keep him there. Jai’s men have grasped Pinku. He says either he would tell about Rani or Rani would come there. If she doesn’t go there you know what to do with Pinku. Rani is scared. Ranvijay says Devi ji.. You have a lot of work right? Go home. I will come later. Rani leaves. Ravnijay goes to Jai. Rani says I need to follow him to find Pinku. She follows him. Ranvijay turns back. Rani hides. Rani keeps following him.

Jai laughs at Pinku. Ranvijay comes there. He says what are you doing Jai? Pinku is a good kid. Don’t scare him. Rani comes there as well. She sees Pinku. Ranvijay asks Pinku where is Rani? Tell me. Otherwise I can be very bad to you. Pinku says think about what would happen to you when everyone would know your truth. I know you have kidnapped Digvijay. I have all the news. Ranvijay says this Pinku is very clever but an idiot. He says Pinku likes to play games. Let’s play a game and let’s see who wins in this game. Let the show begin. Rani is scared for Pinku. They hang a big rock on his head. Pinku is scared. He says Rani please save me. Ranvijay says let’s make this game easier for Pinky. The rock comes closer to him. Pinku is scared. Rani is scared too.

Rani comes in and shouts stop please. Ranvijay says stop. They pull the rock back up. Ranvijay laughs. Rani takes off her glasses and wig. Ranvijay says wow. Jai is shocked. He says I understood with the bangles in your hands that who you are. He laughs. Ranvijay says you played well but couldn’t calculate well. Bad. Now you know what will happen? Your Pinku is gone. And your dad is also gone. And so are you. Rani is scared. He says want to see? His men leave the rock on Pinku. Pinku screams please leave me. rani says no please. She runs to save Pinku. She moves his chair and saves him. Rani picks him. She says are you okay Pinku? She hugs him. Ranvijay says well done. You are a genius Rani. I mean Devi ji. He says who cares if Rani dies or devi. Jai says it’s a dead body anyway. Ranvijay says you are responsible for all of it. You didn’t tell anyone. You over smartness took the best of you. He asks his men to tie and hit them. Rani is scared.

Rani and Pinku run. Ranvijay’s men run after them. Rani throws petrol on the way. They all come and slip one by one. Rani and Pinku laugh. Ranvijay says you idiots, catch them. Rani and Pinku run. They hide in another room. The goons look for them. Ranvijay says look for them. They are here. Rani drops ball-bearings. They start falling. They make slingshots and start hitting them. Rani says you messed with wrong people. Ranvijay says catch them. Rani keeps hitting them. The goons faint one by one. Ranvijay takes a knife and goes to stab Ran. Pinku sees him. Pinku says careful.. Rani throws tires on him and runs. He runs after her.

Scene 5
Mausa sings aik hazaroon mein meri behna hai. Rajeshwari says he has annoyed me. I should go to my room. She goes to her room and locks it. He comes from the other side and says tell me will you tie rakhi? Promise? Rajeshwari says I will. Just go from here. He says promise? She says yes. He says there’s another thing in my heart. Rajeshwari leaves. He goes after her.

Scene 6
Rani runs from Ranvijay. He comes towards her. He says Rani come out. No one can save you. I will give you an easy death. The more you delay, the more painful death you would get. Your brother will die too. Come out. Rani runs but Pinku gets stuck. Ranvijay sees him.

Veer sees his photos with Rani. Veer says why do I get a weird feeling? I should call her. He calls Rani. He texts her are you okay Rani? Rani comes to the other room and realizes Pinku isn’t with her. Jai and Ranvijay surround her. Rani is scared. Ranvijay says Rani.. Your game is over now. He hits her with a rod. Rani sits down. It hits Jai.. Pinku hits Ranvijayy. He faints too. Rani and Pinku run from there.

Scene 7
Mausa says Rani sa I won’t let you go anywhere. This brother sister relationship will be tied with rakhi. Rajeshwari shouts stay away. You are Rani’s uncle that doesn’t mean I would tolerate misbehavior. Veer comes in and says he is rani’s uncle. He is our guest. You are misbehaving. She says then better be the guest, not dance on my head. Disgusting. She leaves.

Rani and pinku look for a clue to find Digvijay. Pinku says can’t we tell everyone the truth. Rani says they know I am alive. They might risk others. Let’s go home.

Mausa says so to Champa you are responsible for all this. You made me drink alcohol. Champa says what? He says don’t do this drama. Champa says please forgive me. My mom is sick. If you tell Rani sa I will lose my job. He says don’t remind me of mom. I get emotional. He leaves. Champa says now Rani sa won’t let you live here.

Scene 8
Rani comes home and screams Veer.. She sees everyone sitting at a havan. Rani coughs. Mausa Rajeshwari and Veer are sitting. Rani says you all must be thinking why I became devi. I had no other way to save dad. He was kidnapped. Someone from this house did all that. They are fainted. Rani says he’s fooling all of us. He tried to kill me, pinku and dad. He is no one but your dad, Ranvijay. They don’t respond. Rani is confused. Rani says Veer.. his eyes are closed. He falls. rani is confused. Rani says Pinku get water. Rajeshwari and Mausa are fainted too. Rani tries to get them up. They try to wake them up. Rani throws water on Veer’s face.

Ranvijay, Jai and their goons come in. He says to win, your plan B should be more dangerous than your plan A. Rani is scared.

Precap-Ranvijay says says even if they die, because of dangerous chemicals in havan, Rajawat family died. I will take my son away from here. They hold Rani and inject something in Rajeshwari. Rani screams don’t do this.

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