Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 20th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Rani kidnapped

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Ranvijay says you know how I did it? Pandit ji came to the house and said to Rajeshwari Ranvijay sent me to do pooja for his son and DIL. Rajeshwari said but he isn’t home. Pandit ji said we can start it. He will be okay. Ranvijay pays the pandit. Jai says what a plan. Ranvijay takes out his poisonous injection. Ranvijay says if they die, the news would be that dangerous chemicals in havan stuff killed Rajawat family. Rani says you can’t do this. He says I will show you what can I do. His men grasp her. Ranvijay goes to Rajeshwari and says I will kill her first. Ranis screams and says don’t do this. They are your family. He almost gives Rajeshwari an injection. Rani says please don’t do this. He says I don’t want to kill anyone either. But you have to agree to my conditions. You won’t interfere in my plan. You will come with me and get yourself kidnapped. And last, your brother he will keep his mouth shut. If you say anything your sister will die. Do you accept these conditions? Tell me. Time out. He says or I will decide. They will get this injection, starting from Pinku says stop, please. Rani screams don’t do this, please.

Rani says okay I will go with you. Pinku cries and says take me with you as well then. They shove him.

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Scene 2
Rani is tied to the chair. She’s unconscious. Jai says she will never wake up now. They leave her there. Ranvijay comes home and pretends to faint with the rest. Vikram and Kajri come home. They are shocked. They try to wake up everyone. Everyone opens their eyes. Vikram says how did this happen? Rani sa says we were sitting for havan. Veer smells chloroform. He says where is pandit. Rajeshwari says you called him ranvijay. He says I don’t believe in pooja. Why would I? Veer says it’s someone from the house. Champa says devi isn’t here. Pinku says devi.. He recalls what Ranvijay said. Pinku says I saw her leaving. Ranvijay says I always had doubts on this devi. How did Digvijay hire hre. Rajeshwari says we need to inform police. ranvijay says we will get insulted. You all should rest. My men will handle it. Veer says everyone should rest. rajeshwari asks Champa to prepare for rakshabandhan.

Scene 3
Rani opens her eyes. She coughs badly. Veer can’t sleep. He says why do I feel like something is wrong? He calls Rani but Ranvijay has her phone. Veer keeps calling. Veer texts where are you Rani? Rani tries to breaks the ropes. Ranivijay replies Veer, I am fine. Will talk to you later.

Veer comes to the road and says Rani where are you? My heart is sinking. He sees a dupatta. Veer panics. He sees a girl and goes after her. Veer says I had been looking for you Rani and you are here.. She falls down the cliff. Veer wakes up screaming. It was his dream. Veer says something is wrong. I need to do something.

Scene 4
The next morning, Jai dances with his money. He’s very happy. Nandini comes and says let’s go. She says where? Nandini says for shopping. He says you will get a lot of gifts and money. she says I want to buy gifts for my brothers. Nandini goes out. Two goons come in. They come to Jai. Jai says they are my friends. Nandini feels weird. Jai says I paid you already. He says let’s play again. Jai says gamble.. but not at home. His friends say don’t worry. He starts playing.

Rani tries to break the ropes. She falls down and faints. Rani sees light coming through a hole. She tries to get to it. Nandini sees Jai playing cards. She recalls how he bet on her. Jai says we will go for shopping after this game. Rani can’t breathe. Nandini sees Jai busy with his game. She says stop it.

Scene 5
Raksha bandhan preps are done. Mausa ji looks at the preps. Pinku says I had to protect my sister and she went with them to save me. He goes to tell Veer. Ranvijay stops him. Pinku is scared. He changes the topic.

Jai comes to his room drunk. Nandini says I had been waiting for you. What is this? He says shut up. They were my friends. I got busy. What’s your problem? She says you had to take me for shopping. He says shut up. You could go on your own. Nandini says you’re drunk. He says don’t comment on my drinking. He falls asleep. Nandini says you were gambling again. Where is my jewelry? He slaps her and says here’s my answer. Never question me again. Now you know what a husband is. Don’t be loud to me. Stay in your limit. This isn’t Rajawat house. I do what I want here.He falls asleep. Nandini is shocked.

Rani breaks the rope. She coughs. rani says how do I get out? Rani sees a door. She tries to open it but it’s locked. Rani coughs. She sees chloroform that’s making her cough. Rani picks it. She can’t breathe. Rani tries to melt the door with it. It creates a hole in the door. rani looks out. The door is burned. Rani coughs. Rani says thank God. She runs out. Rani says I am coming Veer.

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Precap-Rani runs out. Jai’s men call him and tell him Rani ran. Ranvijay says look for him. rani hides from his men. Rani comes home. Ranvijay is there.

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