Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 22nd June 2021, Written Update: Rani leaves Veer

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani goes to the room to complete her project. Dadi says she’s trying to stay strong in front of us. Birju says Veer did all this. I won’t let him come near her now. Veer comes.. Birju says go from here. We won’t let you hurt Rani anymore. Veer says it’s between us. Stay out of it. Veer goes in.. Dadi stands in his way and says please. We can’t let you hurt Rani and us anymore. Veer says please let me talk once. Kaka you know me. Dadi says I beg you, please go from here. There can’t be more discussions. Veer leaves.

Scene 2
At night, Vikram says Veer isn’t picking his phone. Rajeshwari says he said he’s going to Rani. Vikram says let me call bhabhi sa. Rajeshwari says she’s not her bhabhi sa. Call her bhabhi. Vikram says don’t try to break their relationship. It won’t happen. Don’t get used to not calling her bahu rani (DIL).

Vikram calls Rani. He asks if Veer is here? Rani says no. He left. Vikram says we can’t find him anywhere. Rani is worried for him. Someone sneaks into Rani’s room and kidnaps her. Rani is screams.

Scene 3
Rani is tied. She sees Veer and says what is all this? Are you crazy? Vikram was so worried for you. Are you a goon or a doctor? He says I forgot that I am a doctor. I was doubting who I am. This drinking, shouting, anger.. Rani says no one asked you to do all this. He says it’s all because of you. Rani says you kidnapped me to say all this? If my dad finds out. He says your dad.. Rani says what? He says I am sorry. Veer is drunk. He says let’s sit and talk. Rani says stop wasting my team. He says I have to talk to you. Rani says you ended everything. There is nothing to talk about. He says Rani please listen.. He gets up and tears his pants. Rani laughs. He says yeah I have become a joke for everyone. Rani gives him a bag and says tie it. He says no. Rani says will you stay like this? Rani ties it. Veer says what are you doing.. Rani does it.

Veer pulls Rani close. Rani says I thought one day our differences would end. But I was wrong. We walked so far away, we can’t even see each other. Veer says do you really want a divorce? Rani is shocked. Veer says do you really think signing a paper would end our relationship? Rani says in her heart you sent the papers. Rani says for you relationships might be on paper but for me, they are made on trust. What’s the point of a relationship when there’s no trust. You told me it’s over. It doesn’t matter whether I sign a paper or not. Everything is over. Veer leaves her and says okay then.. When the destination isn’t the same we should walk on our own paths. Rani walks away. Veer turns back too. He recalls what Rani said.

Scene 4
Rajeshwari calls Vikram. She asks if he found Veer? Vikram says I am looking for him. Veer comes back in drunk. Rajeshwari says what have you made of yourself? Kiara says Rani sa was so worried. Veer says everything is over. I went there thinking Rani would understand me but she ended everything. I am alone again. Like always. Veer recalls Rani said there’s no point in this relationship anymore. Veer says everything is over. I want to go back. I don’t want to stay here. Nothing is left here. Please. Will you forgive me? She says why are you saying that? Veer says you suffered so much because of me. She says I am your mom. Go to your room and fresh. He leaves. Rajeshwari smiles. Jai says this was so much fun. Your plan finally succeeded.

Rani comes back and recalls what Veer said. Veer packs his bags.

Precap-Veer says to Rani thank you for meeting me one last time. Rani says I really liked Goa. Veer recalls that video.. Veer says then that night came that changed everything. Rani says it was the most beautiful night of my life. Veer recalls being with Rani. Rani leaves. Veer says how could I make such a big mistake. Rani leaves.

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