Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 23rd June 2021, Written Update: Veer recalls everything

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani comes home. Ramo says where were you? We were looking for you. Rani sits down and starts crying. Pinku hugs her. Rani cries. He says you are my strong sister. Don’t cry, your time will come. Rani cries. Dadi picks her. She says cry your heart out. Your pain will be out with these tears. I couldn’t see your pain. We are all with you. Ramo hugs her.

Veer packs his bags. Vikram says where did you go? Veer says I did what you asked. I tried to speak to Rani and fix it but it was useless. Vikram says listen.. He says no. I am tired. I will end it now. Vikram leaves.

Scene 2
Vikram comes to Rani’s place in the morning. Ramo says ask him to leave. They aren’t welcome here. Rani says you came to meet me once last time? We were friends then we became SIL and BIL. You will always be special to me. He says we are all going to Jaipur. Rani says that’s good for everyone. He says bro sent this letter for you. Please read it once. Rani reads it. Veer writes I don’t know who is to me but now you’re not whatever you were. Everything is ruined between us. I can’t fix it but it’s better to go away. I am going away from Baliya but this feeling of leaving something behind.

Veer reads Rani’s letter. I feel like something is taken away from me. Our relationship was sweet and sour. It was short the most beautiful journey of my life. Rani reads, why leave it like this? Let’s meet one last time and end it with good memories. Veer reads, why not end it with a meeting on a positive note? Rajeshwari comes and asks Veer if he’s ready? He says yes.

Scene 3
Veer comes to the place and sees his old toys. Rani sees her favorite dishes there. She’s shocked. Rani sees Veer’s stethoscope. Rani says these memories will always stay with me. They see each other. They both sit down. Veer gives Rani water. Veer says thank you for meeting one last time. Rani says I should thank you. Do you remember our first meeting? I came in front of your car. Veer says it was your mistake but you blamed it on me. I never thought you would become someone so close to me. rani says I thought you were an angry man but you took care of me. He says do you still think the same? Rani says you’re soft inside. And that Jai.. Veer says I taught him the lesson. Rani says I wrote a thank you letter to you. He says I still have that letter. Rani says you did so much for me. You married me to save my life. He says it’s a lot less than what you did. Rani says you have a big heart. He says you also saved my life after kabaddi match. Rani says you treated me. He says you got injured to get me out of jail. Rani says you treated me then too.

Veer says you get injured all the time because you don’t listen. Rani says I knew you would always be there to save me. They look at each other and recall their moments together. Veer says I was lonely, I started feeling better since I met you. Rani says I felt so complete and when you cooked for me. You made me feel like a real queen. You ended my fear of water too. It felt so good. I loved Goa. Veer recalls something. He recalls that video and Rani with Birju. Veer says then that night came that changed everything. Veer recalls everything and gets uncomfortable.

Rani recalls her moment and that night with Veer. Rani smiles. Rani says it was the most beautiful night of my life. You told me I complete all broken relationships of your life. You made me feel so special. We were so close. We were one. We were tied by something that it felt like we would never part. Veer recalls he was with Rani that night. He’s shocked. Veer says how could I make such a big mistake.

Precap-Veer holds Rani’s hand and says I made the biggest mistake of my life. I realized my mistake. I recall everything. Please forgive me. He sits in her feet and says please forgive me.

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