Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 24th June 2021, Written Update: Veer realizes his mistake

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani says you told me I complete your life.. Veer sees flashes of that night. Rani recalls how Veer accused her of being with Birju. Rani says but now our relationship is shattered. It can never be fixed. Rani leaves.. Veer opens her eyes and sees her going. He says that night Rani was with me not Birju. How could I make such a big mistake? He cries. He says I have to talk to Rani. rani has left.

Scene 2
Veer comes to Rani’s place and begs Ramo to let him meet Rani. He says no it’s too late. You have always hurt my daughter. Please don’t do that again. He says kaka, please. He says you call me kaka right? Tell me should I let a man who accused of her such filth meet him again? She has forgotten to smile. Her dream isn’t making her happy either. She’s broken inside because of you. Not only you, but your entire family has also hurt her. rani and Birju are childhood friends but Rani sa and your disgusting mentality ruined it. Did she marry you for money? Do you know what the problem is? Men think they are so great and they forget women have self-respect too. You’ve hurt Rani’s self-respect. No one can heal that. I can’t make her smile now but I won’t let you make her any more upset. Please go. He shuts the door.

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Scene 3
Rajeshwari says I know I have won. She says Veer must be coming back with a broken heart. Jai comes to Rajeshwari and says Rani sa.. Veer won’t go with us. He isn’t going anywhere. He found out everything. Rajeshwair says what are you saying? He says yes, our game is over. Rajeshwari is shocked.

Veer comes to Rani’s place again. A man says to him the store work has started. He comes with books. Ramo says what are you doing? He says let me repent. I have no other option. You asked me what to do with a man who has hurt your daughter? I would beg her, please let me talk to her. Veer looks at Rani. Ramo lets him go isnide.

Veer says to Rani your anger is justified. I made a huge mistake. I have hurt you a lot. I know it isn’t easy for you to forgive me. I am disgusting. I made the worst mistake of my life by putting those allegations on you. I want to fix my mistakes. Birju says why did you let him go in? Ramo says it’s Rani’s decision. Let them talk. Veer says whatever happened that night, whatever we said, did, I recall everything. Rani says if you didn’t would you accuse me all your life? Was our relationship so shallow that for a misunderstanding you would accuse me? You did everything you shouldn’t have. He says I was angry, I made mistakes. I kept taking the wrong steps. Suspecting you, fake marriage with Kiara, and questioning you. Rani says it’s about you suspecting me. And I can’t trust you anymore. Veer says I beg you for pardon. Please forgive me. Rani says don’t do all this. He says this will never happen again. All your dreams would be ours. You becoming an engineer and Ramo kaka’s store. Rani says you said all that before. Veer says I am not the same person. I am your Veer.

Birju says he’s fooling you. Get out of here Veer. We don’t need you here. Veer says I have to apologize to you too. Birju says get out of here. Veer says I won’t go until I make Rani see that I have realized my mistake. I won’t go anywhere. Birju says this man is a fraud. He can’t see you going about your life. Veer brings the books inside. Rani sees he is about to hit his hand on a nail. She runs to save him. Veer holds her. Veer picks the books and says I got these for you. I know it isn’t easy for you to forget all this and forgive me but I know you love me. Rani says what I feel doesn’t matter anymore. I am scared this will happen again. I don’t know how to trust you with all this. Veer says it will never happen again. Rani says I can’t trust you. she goes inside. Veer says it’s fair for you to be scared but I will win your trust again.

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Precap-Rajeshwari says to Veer you have to choose between me and Rani. A car hits him and he meets a very bad accident. Vikram calls Rani and tells her Veer met an accident. Rani falls in shock.

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