Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 25th September 2021, Written Update: Rani scares Sooraj and Vijaya

Apna Time Bhi Aayega,  25th September 2021, Written Update: Rani scares Sooraj and Vijaya

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Veer says Rani are you sure this idea would work? Rani says yes. They spark lights inside. Shanti says when magnet goes up Rani would go up too. Rani floats in the air. Vijaya is shocked. She screams in fear and says Sooraj.. Sooraj.. Save me. He runs downstairs. He says maa what happened. It’s me. She hugs him. Vijaya says Rajeshwari.. Rani comes and says what happened? Vijaya says stay away from me. Rani says what did I do? Sooraj says it’s Radhika. Vijaya says you had Mithu’s ghost in you. You said you are back to avenge your death. Rani says I am fine. Vijaya says you were floating. You were throttling me. Rani says what? Please forgive me. I don’t remember anything. Sooraj says let’s see in the morning. Radhika ji you rest. Rajeshwari drops something. Sooraj says let me check. Veer and Rajeshwari hide.

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Scene 2
Rajeshwari has wound on her foot. Rani says how is it now? Rajeshwari says I ruined the entire plan. How can I walk now? Rajmata says don’t worry Rajeshwari. We will find a way out. Rajeshwari says but they made me the ghost. Who else can do it now? Rani says don’t worry. There are many ways. Veer says what are you thinking?

Scene 3
A baba ji comes to the house. Rani sayws come in. Vijaya says who is he? Shanti says he is a renowned baba. I called him for this house’s peace. It’s Veer. Baba says to Vijaya you saw something that’s troubling you. I have the answer. Vijaya says but I didn’t question. Shanti says he speaks to ghosts. Sooraj comes and says who is he now? There is no such thing as ghost. Vijaya says Shanti brought him. Baba says it’s your own family. The ghost wants to take you with it. He looks at Rani and says you are not from this house. You met the ghost? Vijaya says the ghost took over her. rani says please save me baba ji. Sooraj says get up Radhika ji. Sooraj says go from here. We don’t need you. Vijaya says don’t say this. Sooraj says Shanti must have told him all this for money. Baba says you’re insulting me. This guy.. When were you last beaten? Your mom loves you a lot. She makes you pickle every day. Right or wrong? Vijaya says baba ji please save us. Veer reads mantra.

Veer says to Sooraj now you trust me. Vijaya says we trust you. Please save us from Rajeshwari’s ghost. Rani says get her out of this house. He does mantra. Vijaya says to Rani I will get the ghost out of you. He pretends like he caught the ghost in his palm. He says why are you here? What do you want? She says revenge. Baba says what will you take? Rani plays Rajeshwari’s voice. She says apologize or I will kill her. Vijaya says I won’t apologize to her. Rani says please do it. Save us all. Vijaya says okay I will do it. Vijaya says forgive me Mithu and go from here. Rajeshwari’s voice says ask her to write it or I won’t go. Vijaya says I will write it. Where to sign it? she is about to sign it. Sooraj stops her. He says now a ghost will make us sign? We have no fear. He tears the paper and says I will sign it. Veer says if you don’t listen to her you will regret. Vijaya says we only have to write it. Sooraj says there’s no such thing as a ghost. He leaves.

Scene 4
Sooraj says Radhika is also believing in all this? He sees Rani hitting her head on the table. He says Radhika ji what are you doing? She says nothing. Sooraj says who are you talking to? She says to myself. Shanti locks the door. Sooraj is scared. He says why are you talking like that? Veer sparks the lights. Rani walks towards him. Sooraj says why are you looking at me like that? I am not scared. Rani says I am here. She lifts the bed. Sooraj screams maa save me. Radhika ji please. He says someone open the door.. Maa.. Rajeshwari says I can help without even walking. She lifted the bed with a trolly. Sooraj screams maa open the door. Maa save me. Vijaya says Sooraj.. He cries. She tries to open the door. She opens the door. Vijaya says Rajeshwari’s ghost is inside Radhika’s body. Vijaya says what do you want? I will give you anything. Leave us please. Rani says everything. I want everything that you took from me. I only wanted an apology. But now you’ve insulted me. Now your son will die and you then you. I will burn Radhika then. Vijaya says I can apologize but won’t give anything more than that.

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