Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Champa also comes to Goa

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Kiara and Vikram leave. Veer looks for Rani. Jai says Veer once I get a chance you will suffer so much. You have made me a servant from a prince. Champa comes there and says chance chance.. He says I will kill her now.

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Rani washes the clothes at the beach. Waves come, Rani runs. rani says what is happening. What kind of river is this. Rani says why is this river after me.. She runs. Kiara and Vikram see her washing the clothes. Kiara says what the hell Rani. What are you doing.. Who washes clothes with seawater. You ruined my designer dress. Rani says the tap wasn’t working. She says are you crazy? This is Rajawat’s private beach. Rani sa is so respected here and you’re doing these low-class things. Vikram says she didn’t know. It’s okay, it’s our place. Kiara says why have you hired such untrained people. Veer says enough. Control your anger. She is doing your work. There was no water inside. Rani says Kiara is right. I am sorry. I won’t do this again. Kiara says don’t do this again.

Rani looks at Champa. She says Champa didi you.. Jai says she came here to help with the work. Kiara says at least we will get clean clothes and breakfast. Jai says come Champa let me show you your room. Veer asks him to pick laundry. Kiara says let’s take selfies Veer. Vikram leaves. Rani looks at them. Kiara asks Rani to take their picture. Rani takes a blurred picture.

Scene 2
Champa asks Jai what is going on here? He tells her everything. He says Kiara is between Veer and Rani. We can defeat them if they’re not togehter. Champa says you end up getting beaten. Jai says we have to expose Veer and Rani. I will take my revenge this time.

Rani enjoys at the beach. VEer looks at her. Rani plays with the shells. Rani slips.. Veer holds her. Veer caresses her face. Kiara looks at them. Kiara says Veer.. What is going on here? Veer says she was about to fall. Kiara says this isn’t a ditch. She can handle herself. Rani says I saw the beach for the first time. Kiara says go and work with Champa. Rani leaves. Veer feels bad. Vikram leaves as well. Veer looks at the shells and recalls rani playing with them.

Scene 3
Kiara enjoys by the beach and takes selfies. Vikram takes her photo and says so beautiful. I have to stop her from coming between Veer and Rani. Kiara says Vikram? How is my new dress? My skin is so tanned. He says yeah you’re so tanned. You should get a massage from a spa. She says you’re right. Kiara leaves. Vikram says she left now Veer and Rani. Veer comes and trips. Vikram laughs. He says careful. Vikram says nice necklace. For bhabhi sa? He says yes I mean no I was time passing at the beach. Vikram so I can wear it? Give it to me. Veer says this isn’t for you. Vikram says why don’t you say it openly. Veer says Rani does so much for me. She liked the shells. So I thought she would like this. Don’t think too much. What’s going on in your mind? Vikram says you’re going right. Veer says go to a doctor. He says my doctor is not well himself. Go. Jai says time to play our game Champa.

Scene 4
Rani is in the room. Veer comes there with the necklace.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says I saw these at the beach. He says I made it for you. Rani says make me wear. Kiara knocks outside Rani open the door.. Veer runs from the balcony. He injures his foot. Rani comes to his room. He hides his foot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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