Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 31st May 2021, Written Update: Rajeshwari accuses Rani of sleeping with Birju

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Jai says Veer will be with Kiara all night. Rani will be defeated. I can’t wait to see her crying. Lights turn on. They see Kiara with Vikram. Everyone is shocked. Rajeshwari says what are they doing together? Nandini I asked you to take care of all of this. Jai says then who’s with Veer? Nandini says Rani? Raajeshwair says you both ruined my plan. Nandini says we did what you asked. Rajeshwari says I can’t lose. I will make sure this night is Veer and Rani’s last night together.

Scene 2
Rani wakes up in Veer’s arms. She recalls last night. Rani smiles. Rani says our fate brings us together. We are tied together and no one can part us. I had a feeling but didn’t know what it was. Now I know how much I love you. I will tell you at all costs. Rani goes out and recalls the last night. She says I went with the flow. I came here to take something but got something so special. I wanted to be an engineer but I didn’t know someone would become so important to me. I will get a life partner like veer who respects me, loves me, trusts me. Jai comes to Veer’s room. I know as long as he’s with me, I will do antying.

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Jai says why did you have to ruin Rani sa’s plan. Now you will live in darkness all your life. You insulted me, made me a chef. You will suffer a lot more than me. When you wake up0 you will realize your whole world has changed. Veer opens his eyes. Veer says how did I come here? He recalls drinking at the party.

Scene 3
Kiara sees her bridal dress. She says why don’t I feel happy when my dream is getting fulfilled? Why is Vikram coming in front of me? I love Veer. What is stopping me? Today is my wedding and that’s my reality. I won’t think about Vikram anymore.

Vikram is upset. He says what I never thought is happening. What should I do. How do I stop this wedding. Only bhabhi sa can stop me.

Nandini comes to Veer. She says mom isn’t okay. She had been crying all night. Did something happen last night? veer says I am trying to recall. I don’t know. Let’s go. They go to Rajeshwari’s room.

Vikram comes to Rani and says I want to talk to you. Rani says you look upset. He says why aren’t you? Does Veer’s love not matter to you? I know you love Veer. Why are you doing this? I know what happens when two people who love each other are parted. When you were kidnapped, he couldn’t even breathe. You can’t run away from your love. Rani says I am walking behind you. The way you’re not confessing your love, the way you are not stopping all this. When didn’t know I love Veer, you knew it. If you can recognize other people’s love why can’t you see your own self? Why don’t you agree that you love Kiara? Her care, the fear of losing her, why are you hiding it? The time will leave you behind if you keep still. Go and tell Kiara everything or it would be too late. Vikram nods and runs out of the room.

Scene 4
Veer knocks at Rajeshwari’s door. Veer says Rani please, I will solve there’s any problem. Please open the door. Rajeshwari opens the door. Ver says please sit. Tell me what is it? Drink water, please. She says I can’t do anything since I.. You won’t trust me. Go and talk to Rani. Veer says what happened? Rajeshwari says I can’t say it.

Veer comes to Rani and asks what happened last night? Rani looks at Jai and Champa and says how can Isay it here? Rani says what are you saying? He says please answer me. Rani sa is worried. Rani says why is she worried? What happened? Veer says I will talk to Rani sa. Rani says in heart Veer doesn’t remember anything?

Veer comes to Rajeshwari. She’s packing her bags. Veer says please tell me what happened. Rani isn’t telling me. Rajeshwari says it’s time for my attack to break your bond. I will take revenge for my insult. Veer says please tell me what happened. Rajeshwari says I would rather die before saying all this. I am only telling you because you gave your swear. Rajeshwari says last night, Birju and Rani had something that shouldn’t have happened in the room. VEer says Rani can never do anything like that. They are just friends. Even if God says that I won’t believe. Rajeshwari says then I will leave. Veer says please Rani sa? How can you have such a big misunderstanding? Sh says I saw it with my own eyes. You’re under a misunderstanding about Rani and her friendship with Birju. See this. She shows him a video in which Veer’s face is replaced with Birju. Veer is shocked. Rajeshwari says now Veer will end his own relationship. Your end is here Rani.

Precap-Rani says to Birju don’t ever do anything converts Veer’s doubts in truth. He’s very innocent, he trusts what I say. Veer is hearing all this. Rajeshwari says to Veer there is a secret relationship behind this friendship. Veer looks at them holding hands. Rajeshwari says see what I found in Birju’s wallet. It’s Rani’s picture. Rajeshwari says pack your bags Rani, soon you will say goodbye to all of us.

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