Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 4th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Veer takes care of Rajeshwari

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani comes to her room and sees Ranvijay checking her drawers. Rani is shocked. He pretends to faint. Rani asks what happened? Are you okay? He says I was looking for my meds. Veer has it. Rani says let me ask him. Please sit. Rani runs out. Rani brings the meds. He asks for water. Rani brings water. Rani says do you feel better? He says yes. Rani says let me call veer. He says no I feel better. Don’t call Veer. I will go to my room and rest. Rani says let me take you there. He says no I will go. Thank you. He says in heart Rani almost caught me. I have to carefully look for that locket.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari sits upset. Rani looks at her and says I can’t see her like this. I have to talk to Veer. Rani comes to Veer. She leaves his old shields and trophies there. Veer looks at them. He sees his old toys. Veer recalls playing with them. Veer says where did you find all this? Rani says all these things show that Rani sa loves you. She won’t have kept it safe if she didn’t. Veer says I don’t know why she kept it safe. Where was she when I needed her love? She kept shoving me away. If she never found out I am her son, she would still hate me. rani says you don’t know her reason to hate you. He says because I was an orphan for her. Rani says that’s not the truth. Rani sa always thought you are Digvijay’s illegitimate child. She didn’t know you are her own child.

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Veer recalls Rajeshwari always being mad at Veer and asking Digvijay to take him away. Rani says think about her. After knowing all this she had to see you in front of her all the time. It used to hurt him. She understands her mistake. Can’t you give her one chance? She’s shattering. Only you can save her. She kept this pooja for you. You have to be a part of it. Veer leaves.

Scene 3
The pooja starts. Rajeshwari waits for Veer but he doesn’t come. rajeshwari says Veer please come and forgive your mom. Ranvijay says to Digvijay stay there and keep an eye on the door. Jai says Rani entered the room fast. I was scared so I left. Rani comes downstairs. Rajeshwari asks Veer didn’t come? Rani says Veer.. She sits down. Veer comes downstairs. Rajeshwari is shocked. She gets happy. He sits for the pooja. Rajmata says the entire family is together. I wish Digvijay was here too. Ranvijay says he could be here if he listened to me. I have to take Veer away from here.

Pandit ji starts the pooja. Ranvijay sits down as well. Rani sees the locket in her purse. She says I don’t know who is doing this. But I have to keep my family together and strong. Show me the right path. Everyone does arti. Rani leaves the locket there and goes for arti. Nandini and Jai do it as well. Rajeshwari does the arti. She says I wish my Veer accepts me. She faints. Rani sees her. Veer holds her and says rani sa.. are you okay? He says sit here. Bring BP machines. Rajmata says she didn’t take her medicine for 5 days. Veer says what if something serious happened? How could you skip your meds? I mean.. Whatever is your reason but not taking medicine isn’t a good thing. You should be careful. Your glucose level fluctuates too. He says Vikram bring Rani sa’s medicine. Rani gives Veer chocolate. He says why? Rani says you made me eat chocolate when I fainted. Give it to her as well. Veer makes Rajeshwari eat the chocolate. Veer says eat chocolate Rani sa. You will feel better. Rani says Rajmata ji, I think Rani sa should change her doctor. He isn’t focused. This would be better. Rajmata says why are you saying? Rajeshwari can never find a better doctor than Veer. Veer became a doctor because of Rajeshwari. Then how can he leave his first patient? Rani says really? Rajmata says once we all went to the mountains. Rajeshwari fell sick due to the cold. Veer took care of her day and night. There he decided he will be a doctor when he grows up so he can take care of Rajeshwari.

Veer gives Rajeshwari medicine and water. Ranvijay says this is wrong. I want to take Veer away from here and they are trying to bring them close. rani says I want to know more. Vikram says guess what everyone called Veer in childhood? Maa ka ladla. He would always be around her and go with her everywhere. Rani gives prasad to everyone Veer stands in a corner. Ranvijay says to Veer I always thought how would my son be. But after meeting you, I can say you are great. God gave you a very big heart. Rani is your wife. What happened with her, even after that you forgave Rajeshwari. Rani was attacked with glass and then gas. Then what happened at the college. It scares me but you showed a big heart and started anew. Rani comes there. Ranvijay says you didn’t give me prasad. Rani says why is he provoking veer. This doesn’t feel right.

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Precap-Ranvijay is about to pick the locket. Rani picks it and sees the picture. She says this means papa ji is behind everything. 

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