Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 4th June 2021, Written Update: Rani comes back

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani cries and says please let me meet Veer once. Rajeshwari locks the door and goes in. Rani tries to fix her phone. Rani cries and recalls marrying Veer. Veer thinks about his moments with Rani. They both cry. Rani sits outside and cries. She recalls Veer saying he has married Kiara. Veer recalls Rani with Birju. He cries. Rani outs on the streets. She recalls Veer saying our relationship is over.

Rani falls. Birju picks her. He says they can’t do this to you. I will teach them a lesson. Rani says listen to me. He says I won’t anymore. I told you Rajeshwari is planning against you. Rani says calm down. I will find a solution. Birju says you are still defending him? Rani says he can never do this to me. He won’t do this. Birju says wow, I am the idiot here. He did all that he wanted. When will you understand that doctor never loved you? No on is here for you. They kicked you out. Rani says he is a good human. He can never do this. There must be some reason behind it. I will find it. I will fight for my rights.

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Scene 2
Rajeshwri says everything is the way it used to me. My reign and my regime. Jai says Rani sa what a game you played. Rajeshwari says she thought she can take my place. It was her mistake to mess with her. Whatever happened with her was right. I ruined her life. She will always know who I am. Someone comes and throws her chessboard. It’s Vikram. Rajeshwri says Vikram are you drunk again? He says I wish I was. I wouldn’t be ashamed of you at least. Did you kick the DIL of this house out? How can you do this? She is Veer’s wife and your DIL. Rajeshwari says she was. You forget that veer married kiara. He married her to save their lives. Vikram says you never changed. I knew you are plotting something. Jai says Vikram.. Vikram says you shut up. It’s our family matter. I always think to respect you and think you might have changed but you can never change. Rajeshwari shouts Vikram.. Vikram says don’t shout. You ruined your son’s lives. You are a shame.. Veer comes there and shouts Vikram.. He’s about to slap him. Vikram says hit me? She kicked Rani out of this house. What will she do in this unknown city? Veer says this resort is Rani sa’s. It’s her choice to decide who she wants to keep. She kicked a maid out. It’s her choice. Veer says I want to do the rest of the rituals. Vikram says you all have changed. I won’t change and fix it. Rani will get her right in this house. Veer say don’t worry about Vikram. Rajeshwari says how not? You both are my kids. Veer says I don’t care about her. Rajeshwari says there’s only one queen here.

Scene 3
The next morning Kiara and Veer come to do the rituals. Rajeshwari says Kiara’s family should know about this wedding. Kiara says in her heart this wedding is fake. What will I tell them? What will I tell them? About Vikram or this fake wedding? Kiara says no, please. I will tell them myself. Rajeshwari says okay. She says to find the ring. A woman comes in. She says I Shobha and I work for women empowerment. She says I know you are Rajeshwari Rajawat and this is Veer. Rajeshwari says so? She says we got a complaint. You kicked your DIL out at night without any reason. Jai says DIL of this house is.. Shobha says Rani. You kicked her out of this house. Rani comes in. They are shocked to see her. The woman says you all can go to jail for treating her this way.

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Precap-Rajeshwari pulls Rani’s hand and says I won’t leave you. Rani says Shobha hasn’t gone too far. If I tell her everything, you will go to jail, again. She finds the ring and says the way he’s mine, I have right over his everything.

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