Apna Time Bhi Aayega,. 7th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Rani falls from the building

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Ranvijay looks for Rani. She tries to run. Vikram stops Veer and asks where are you going? He says going to the hospital. Vikram asks all good? And where is Rani? He says she went with dad but I don’t know. I called her and she didn’t pick. When I called dad Rani picked his phone and she was shouting taking his name. Now the phone is off. Vikram says don’t worry. He is with Rani. The phone could be dead. don’t worry. Veer leaves.

Rani comes to the edge of the building. She says where should I go from here? Ranvijay says where are you Rani? You know I will find you. You can’t leave this place. I will punish you the more you delay it. Veer is on his way. He thinks about what Rani said. Veer drives past that building. His car breaks. Veer tries to change the tire on his own. Ranvijay sees Veer. Rani sees Veer as well. Ranvijay says before Rani sees him I have to find her. rani shouts Veer.. Ranvijay puts hand on her mouth. Veer says why did I feel like Rani called me? I must be imagining. Veer changes the tire. Ranvijay says she can’t reach Veer. Veer gets a call and says I will be there in 15.

Veer’s tire fixes and he sits in the car. He leaves. Rani shouts but he can’t hear her. Rani fights with Ranvijay.. She falls from the building. Her head bleeds. Veer stops the car. He feels weird.

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Scene 2
Rajeshwari sees the candle in the temple blowing.

Rani faints there. Veer drives to the hospital. Rajmata and Rajeshwari save the candle together. Ranvijay comes downstairs and says what happened.. I told you to come out. What should I do know? Is she dead? Veer’s car is coming back. Ranvijay is confused. Veer stops the car there. Ranvijay hides with Rani behind a pillar. Veer looks at the building. He peeks in. Veer sees Ranvijay. Ranvijay asks Veer you here? Veer says, dad? What are you doing here? He says this is our construction site. We had a meeting here. Veer asks where is Rani? he says Rani was with me, she left. She said she wanted to meet a friend. Veer asks why did you let her go alone? He says she doesn’t listen. She said she used to roam alone in the village too. So.. You know Veer I think there’s some problem between you two. She was a bit angry. I was about to pick your call and she took it and hung up. Veer says but she never reacted that way. Ranvijay says don’t worry she’s safe. She was saying she will stay at her friend’s place. Give her some space. Let’s go.

Winds blow. Veer stops. Rani is hidden in the haystack. Ranvijay says let’s go. Veer says why are you sweating? He says I am not feeling well. Veer says let’s go to the hospital. Veer sits in the car and leaves.

Scene 3
Jai calls Ranvijay but he doesn’t pick. Jai texts if you don’t pick my call I will call Veer. Ranvijay says I was dying for years to see you. It makes me so happy to be with you now. Jai calls. Ranvijay picks. Jai says you are not picking my call, I have to return the money. He says let me do something. Jai says if you don’t arrange it I will tell Veer. He says I will arrange it. Veer asks arrange what? Ranvijay says help. He’s my friend. I have to give him some money. He’s in some trouble. Ranvijay says stop the car here. He lives nearby. Veer says let me go with you. Ranvijay says I am fine. He won’t like taking help in front of you. You go to the hospital. Ranvijay leaves. Veer wonders how could Rani leave on such a small thing?

Rani is being given treatment in a hospital. Veer asks himself why he is anxious. He says that he must find Rani.

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