Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 9th July 2021, Written Update: Jai gets exposed

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Jai’s goons call him and says it’s done. Jai says no more Kusum and Veer. Veer tries to look for a way out. The smoke is coming in. Kusum is scared. Jai says I will become the king of Jaipur. Kusum cries. Veer says cover him with your dupatta. Rani keeps calling Veer. Vikram asks is everything okay? She says Veer isn’t picking the phone. He says do you know where he went? She says yes. Rani gives him the address. Vikram says I am going there. Rani prays for Veer. Baraat comes.

Rajeshwari welcomes everyone. Jai comes in as the groom. Rajeshwari says glad to see you here. They do all the welcome rituals. Rani says you will never succeed. Jai is taken inside. Rajeshwari does his arti. Jai says Veer will never come back. I will win this war. Rani looks at the door and says where are you Veer?

Scene 2
Veer coughs badly. So does Kusum. Veer’s phone turns off. Vikram comes out and sees the house burning. He hears Veer screaming for helping. Veer is fainting. Vikram says Bro I am here. Veer says Vikram we are inside. Vikram tries to break the lock. He breaks it. Veer and Kusum come out.

Refreshments are being served. Jai bribes the money to pandit ji and says do it fast. He says VEer is done, now before this Rani do anything we will be married. Rani calls Vikram. Veer says we are on our way. Vikram saved us at the last minute. Rani says how long? He says 30 minutes. Rani says it’s started. Please come fast. He says try to distract everything. Rani wonders what to do now. Rani says only 15 minutes are left. Rajeshwari says let me bring Nandini.

Veer says drive fast Vikram. Rani says Rani sa.. She says you stay here. Let me call Nandini. Rajmata nods. Rani goes upstairs. Rani says Champa clean this. we have to sprinkle flowers here for Nandini. Rajeshwari says why? Rani says this day is special for Nandini. Let’s make it special. Rani slowly spreads flowers. Rajeshwari says why are you taking so long? Rajeshwari says time is running out. She throws them at once and says go and bring Nandini. Rani goes upstairs. Rani says what should I do now.. Veer comes in with Kusum and Vikram. Rani smiles. They sneak in from the backside.

Scene 3
At the hospital, the warden plays live telecast of Nandini’s wedding. They say live wedding of Rajawat family’s daughter Nandini. He opens his eyes.

Pandit ji says where is the bride? Rani says don’t be hasty. She’s coming. Let me do Jai’s arti first. Rani does his arti. She drops oil on him. Everyone is shocked. Jai says you ruined my sherwani. It was so expensive. Rani says you also ruined our oil. It’s okay. Let me put kajal. Rani applies kajal on his face and blackens it. Everyone is shocked. Rajeshwari says what did you do? Rani screams ghost.. Rani says it melted on his face. Rajeshwari asks Jai to go and wash his face. Jai leaves.

The patient moves his hand. They try to call Veer. Another warden says but it’s his sister’s wedding.

Jai comes to the washroom and washes his face. Kusum comes in the mirror. Jai is scared. He goes out. Kusum is there. Jai says what are you doing here? She says why are you shivering? I can end this game on one word. He says what do you want? Kusum says you ruined my life. Now pay the price. She goes to a room. Jai comes there. It’s dark. Jai says I gave you money. What do you want now? I got you a home, I sent you to the hospital to abort the child. You wanted it so I gave you money for the child. Try to enjoy life. I will give you more money. She turns back. It’s Nandini. Jai is shocked.

Nandini cries. Jai says listen.. it isn’t that. Please listen once. Nandini leaves crying. Rani and Veer stop him. Rani says your sister needs you. Please go to her. I will handle him.

Phone rings. Kumud picks. The warden asks where is Veer? She says tell me. He’s busy with the wedding. He tells her everything. She asks what’s the name? He says patient 217. Kumud is shocked.

Scene 4
Pandit ji says Rajeshwari ji please call the groom. Time is running out. Nandini comes downstairs crying. Veer holds her. Everyone asks what happened? Nandini recalls what Jai said. Nandini hugs Rajeshwari and cries. Rajmata says please tell us what happened? We will fix everything Nandni says everything is over. She sobs. Nandini says I don’t want to marry Jai. Everyone is shocked. Malani asks what happened? His dad says we will talk to him. Nandini says you can’t fix his mistake. He fooled us. He has an affair with a girl. He also has a child with her. They are all shocked. He’s evil. He left both that girl and her child. And he was going to marry me.

Nandini says to Veer I am sorry. You and rani always wanted good for me. I never understood you. You always warned me but I was blind. Please forgive me. Veer hugs her and says it’s okay. Nandini cries. Nandini says please ask mom to ask Jai to leave. I won’t marry him. Rajeshwari shouts Jai Singh.. Jai tries to run. Rani stops him. Rani says I won’t let you go. Better go there. Jai comes downstairs. Rajeshwari asks what is she saying? His parents ask if it’s true. Vikram says my sister never lies. He brings Kusum and her baby there. Everyone shocked. Rani says he’s a demon. He’s a monster. This Kusum is his victim. Sanjay says you were fooling our daughter? Rajeshwari says answer us. Jai says I had a relationship with Kusum.

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