BIG TWIST! Gehna weaves a new plan


MUMBAI : Kaddu bua divides the house and tells Seth family that they can stay whichever side they want to stay and whenever their hearts reunite again, she will clear the partition line. Gehna tries to speak. Kaddu says its her decision and whoever has problem with it can leave the house. Rajesh, Dimpy, Gehna, and Gopi walk on Urmila’s side while Sarika and Sikandar stand on Suhani’s side. Urmila and Gehna eagerly look at Surya. Surya walks on Suhani’s side. Kaddu asks Gehna to take a decision now. Suhani asks her to choose between her husband and Urmila now. Gehna think she is with Surya, but to show him truth, she needs to stand against him today. Suhani tells Surya that he saw that Gehna is on the side of a woman who insulted his mother. Surya says its okay and hugs her.

Gehna recalls all the recent events. Gopi walks to her and says she didn’t want partition of the house and apologizes her. Gehna says she made a big favor instead by bringing Urmila here, now Surya will realize the difference between true and fake love. Gopi says she fears Gehna may lose Surya if something goes wrong and asks if she is not afraid. Gehna says she is not as she is performing her duty. Gopi says she is confident that Gehna will cross any hurdle easily and wishes her goodbye.

Sikandar hires a lawyer to check if Urmila’s name can be removed from Viren’s will. He vents out his anger on Viren’s photo for giving 50% property to Surya and Urmila. Urmila asks him to stop it and get into his senses. Sikandar picks gun to shoot her. Lawyer runs away saying nothing can happen of the will and them. Suhani splashes water on Sikandar’s face and says his anger got them and himself into trouble and says they should devise a plan to get Gehna out of Surya’s life. She shows him a milk glass and says they need act patiently.

Gehna on the other side tells Urmila that they need to patiently plan to expose Sikandar and Suhani and find out why Suhani got Sikandar out of jail. She says they need to prove Surya that Urmila is better mother than Suhani, then Surya will accept Suhani as his other. Suhani promises her that Surya will cancel the divorce and will reaccpt Gehna. Gehna carries milk for Kaddu when she notices Surya. Surya expresses his anger towards her and leaves. She thinks soon Surya will cross the line and walk on her side. She takes milk to Kaddu’s room. Kaddu asks her to keep the milk and leave after closing the door. Gehna closer the door from inside, and they both laugh. Kaddu asks what they should do next. Gehna says everyone are playing games here but on different pitches, they need to get everyone on the same pitch. Kaddu asks her to wait and watch what she does.

Early morning, Kaddu bearts thali and wakes up everyone. Suhani and Sarika wake up irritated and ask Kaddu why did she wake up early. Kaddu says she wakes up early everyday and called everyone for pooja. Suhani asks which pooja as they don’t know in which part of the house the temple is divided. Gehna says god cannot be divided. Kaddu says nobody will divide temple and kitchen and says they all will wake up at 6 a.m., perform pooja and have food together. Sikandar says he doesn’t consider her rules. Suhani asks him to maintain his calm. Kaddu says she knew he would revolt, this house equally belongs to her. She says since Suhani is carrying the house keys, the balance in the house is disturbed and since Urmila has more supporters now, she should handle the keys.

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