Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki, 20th January 2022, Written Update: Nupur confronts Mini

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki, 20th January 2022, Written Update: Nupur confronts Mini

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nupur scolding Hira for making the stories about Mini. Hira asks her what proof does she have about Mini. Nupur says she had the same locket which Payal had in childhood. Hira asks did she had it in her hand or neck. Nupur recalls. Hira says leave the evidence, you are a mum, do you feel the same with Mini as you felt with Payal, you are fooling yourself, ask your heart, then tell me, I came here to thank you that you got me out of the jail, you will thank me that I told you the truth. Nupur leaves. She thinks of Mini. She says Hira is lying, did I just accepted Mini as Payal, no, she is lying, she didn’t tell me about Chiku’s real parents, she is making stories about Payal, she is troubling me, I don’t have to believe this. Chiku looks for Nupur. She says I will go and find her. Everyone is busy in the puja. Nupur comes home. Chiku asks are you fine, tell me, what happened.

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Nupur asks how do you know that I m in tension. Chiku says you told me that we know it when we have a relation of heart. Milind asks did you go out. Chiku says no, she was here. He says come soon, I need you, Payal’s silver earrings rasam is there. Kamini and Tai start scolding Nupur. Kamini says silver is worn to calm the heart, we should get it for Nupur also. Aai asks Nupur to make Payal wear it. Mini says it would be costly, right. Nupur doesn’t want to think of it. She makes Mini wear the earrings. Chiku imagines herself with Nupur. Nupur asks do I also feel the same. She prays to find some way to identify her daughter. Mini gets allergic to silver. Nupur removes the earrings. Aai asks Vinod to get ointment soon. Kamini says Payal is allergic to Silver. Nupur thinks how, she never had this allergy. Mini says I m allergic to silver. Nupur asks when did this happen before, who told this. Mini says I had worn this in childhood and such allergy happened. Nupur says this never happened with you in childhood, don’t feel bad, I feel you aren’t my daughter, do you know the truth, tell me, don’t get scared. Mini worries. Nupur says I won’t make you out, tell me the truth, are you really my Payal. Chiku thinks how did Nupur know that Mini isn’t her Payal. Nupur says you tell me, is she not my Payal, you know her, ask her. Nupur asks Mini what does she remember of childhood.

Chiku asks what happened to you, calm down. Nupur says tell me the truth. Mini thinks to do something. She shouts to call everyone. She says see what mum is saying and why. Aai asks what happened. Mini says ask mum about it, she is saying I m not her Payal. Tai says Nupur has gone mad. Nupur says I m saying the truth, Mini isn’t Payal. Kamini asks her to stop the drama.

Nupur says my heart is saying, Mini isn’t my daughter, we have to get DNA test done again. Shashi smiles. Tai says she will say anything, will you listen to her. Milind says don’t force me to say something that hurts us. Nupur says Mini isn’t my daughter. He says you have gone mad. Mini says you all believe me right. Tai hugs Mini and asks who has told this to you. Nupur says Hira. Aai slaps Nupur.

She asks Nupur to have some shame. She says we were waiting for Payal till now, stop it now, else I will slap you again, we got Payal back. Tai also scolds Nupur. Aai says we will not support Nupur this time. Chiku cries. Kamini says Payal should have not come back. Nupur says I can’t feel anything with Mini, I don’t get peace when I hug her, why do I feel incomplete when she is with me, why, I was very happy with my Payal. Kamini says 7 years is a big thing, maybe you lost that feeling. Nupur says I will always have this feeling. She sees Chiku and says I feel more affection with Chiku.

Nupur says we have no relation, you are not my daughter, I request you to tell everyone that you are not my daughter. Mini shouts yes, I m not Payal. Everyone hears this. Mini says Chiku gave me that locket and asked me to become fake Payal. Chiku cries.

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