Choti Sardarni, 17th July 2020, written update: Sarab sheds tears of joy as he sees Meher and the baby

Choti Sardarni is one of the most popular soaps. Here's a written update for the loyal fans of the TV series.

MUMBAI: Dr Aditi walks there. A couple thanks her for saving their child. He looks so happy. Aditi says to make sure he is happy. Param cries and says God, please show me a symbol. Aditi comes there. Param says are you the symbol? She says I am Dr Aditi. He says I am Param. My mama Meher isn’t well. Yuvi says she has a baby in her tummy. Dr 99Aditi says if your mom’s name Meher? Yuvi says how do you know? Param says how? Aditi says where is she? Kulwant says how can doctors say they can’t do anything? Amrita says call, other doctors. Sarab says how could it be this complicated? The doctor says the baby changed the position. It’s impossible for us to save both of them. Aditi says are you, God? The doctor says Ma’am you here? Aditi says are you, God?? Only God can decide who will live and who will die. Aditi asks nurses to get everything ready. 

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Aditi says to Sarab, Hi I am Aditi. I have handled many complicated cases. We don’t have a lot of time. Dr Payal says she has a medical history. I can’t tell you that in a few minutes. Aditi says you already said you can’t save her. Param says she is sent by God. Yuvi says we were begging baba ji for help. Sarab says Dr Aditi you’re sent by God. Please save my child and Meher. I will sign the papers. The nurse brings a file. Sarab signs it. Aditi says just sign, I will handle the rest. 

Dr Aditi goes to the OT and starts Meher’s operation. Sarab, Param, and everyone pray for her. Aditi gives Meher an injection. DrAditi gives Meher another injection. Dr Payal says ma’am this injection? Aditi says let me do my work. 

Aditi picks Meher’s. She looks at Meher. Everyone is worried. All doctors look at Aditi. Aditi clap in front of the child. She tries to give the baby CPR. The baby isn’t moving. Sarab sits in the temple to pray for Meher and the baby. Aditi slaps the baby to make him breathe. Payal gives Meher CPR. Meher loses her pulse. Her heartbeat goes to zero. All doctors are shocked. Aditi is in tears. She rests the still baby. A flower falls in Sarab’s lap. He picks it. 

Kulwant calls Sarab outside. Dr Aditi says I am in shock. After delivery, Meher and baby both lost their pulse. They were both still. Then they placed the baby next to Meher and took her oxygen off. The baby started moving the legs. Aditi stopped. She was in tears. The baby started crying next to Meher. Meher moved her hand and got her pulse back. Meher started breathing. Meher opened her eyes and caressed her baby. Aditi says congratulations. It’s a boy and Meher is fine. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant says it’s a boy. Sarab sits down in gratefulness. Sarab says can I meet Meher? She nods. Sarab rushes into the room. Harleen is upset. She leaves. Kulwant says Rana arrange sweets for everyone. 

Sarab comes to the OT and looks at Meher and the baby, Sarab smiles with tears. Sarab picks the baby. 

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