Choti Sardarni 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher eats the green powder mixed food

Meher eats the green powder mixed food read what happened next…

MUMBAI: Scene 1

Yuvi says trash the vegetable. Meher isn’t coming to see you here. Param eats. Someone keeps a samosa in Param’s mouth. Param says samosa? It’s Meher. Meher says healthy olive oil samosas. Meher gives them to all the kids. Yuvi says they are so tasty. Param says thank you Meher mama. See Yuvi, mama is so nice. Yuvi says bua ask mama not to give me ladyfinger. Meher says but your box is empty. He says I trashed it. Meher says some people don’t have anything to eat. Yuvi says I am sorry.

Scene 2

Kulwant makes pickles with everyone. Kulwant says where is the other tray? Jeeto says let me get it. Kulwant says ask her to bring it. Jeeto says she is asleep. She sleeps till 1PM. Amrita says she keeps ordering pizzas. Yuvi isn’t eating home food now because of her. Jeeto says then Ginni misbehaved with Amrita. I didn’t like it at all. Kulwant says how dare she? Jeeto says Rana also misbehaved with Amrita. Kulwant says call the pizza corner. Kulwant says it’s me, Sarpanj Atani and PR manager Punjabdal. Never dare to deliver any pizza in my house. I will shut your restaurant. If Rana and Ginni call never pick up. He says I got it. Kulwant says well done. Kulwant says I will teach her a lesson. Jeeto says Rana doesn’t hear a word against her. Kulwant says he won’t be home. Now see what I do. She tells them the plan.

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Scene 3

Meher calls Sarab and says I went to Param’s school. He wanted to eat samosas. Sarab says you didn’t even tell me. Meher says you wouldn’t let me go. Sarab says I could send a driver. Meher says it’s our matter. Sarab says did you eat your meds? She says no. He says it’s your time. Meher says I will.. He says eat something before it. Meher says I will eat Param’s malai koftay. Meher starts eating them.

Sarab says there’s a weird smell. Meher says your partner must have pooped. He says no he’s asleep. Sarab checks and says yes he did. Sarab says Meher ji he pooped. Meher says change the diaper? He says really? Meher says stand in front of him and clear your throat. She says now shout, Lalita hi, change his diaper, please. Sarab says I can do it. Meher says then do it. Meher guides him. Clean with wipes first. He says done. Meher feels dizzy. Sarab says are you okay?? Meher drinks water. Meher says I am fine.

Scene 4

Rana sings and eats parathas. He says Ginni is my Rano. Jeeto looks at him. Jeeto says go these medicines. Ranta says I don’t have time. Jeeto says mummy ji will kill you. Jeeto says to Rana mummy ji will hit you and make you bald. Rana says how do I go? My bike isn’t working. Ginni will do a surgical strike. Jeeto sings and says go tell your mom. Rana says I am sorry I will bring the meds.

Harleen says to Lalita Sarab is changing the diapers. What do we pay you for? Meher says Sarab wanted to do it himself. Lalita says fathers want to do things for their children. Harleen says my brother isn’t this baby’s.. Lalita leaves.

Meher comes to the room. Sarab is singing the baby a lullaby. Sarab says I made him wear the diaper right. But I know you will point out mistakes. Meher cries. Sarab says did someone say anything? Why are you crying? Sarab gives her water. Sarab asks what happened? Meher says nothing. I am okay. Sarab says did you eat anything? Meher says I ate malai koftay from Param’s lunchbox. Lalita hears it. She recalls Aditi asked her not to let anyone else eat that medicine. Harleen sees Lalita there. Lalita is scared.

Harleen says this woman doesn’t look okay to me Robbie. She is up to something. Robbie says not sure if she is someone’s puppet. Meher brought her here. We have to keep an eye on this Lalita.

Scene 5

Ginni says Rana did you make my tea? She calls pizza corner but they aren’t picking. Ginni comes out of her room and says I am hungry. Is anyone listening? Amrita says mummy ji please taste the pickle. No one answers her. Kulwant says add more oil. Amrita says I will. Jeeto says we are all busy. You can cook for yourself. Ginni says am I an idiot? She comes to the kitchen. All pans in the kitchen are empty.

A woman comes with sweets and says my pinky got engaged. She leaves the sweets there. Ginni picks them. Kulwant can’t say anything because the woman is there.

Lalita calls Aditi’s secretary and says Meher ate that medicine instead of Param. He says ma’am is in the OT. Parma says to the baby I know you wanna play with me. Show your nails. Theya re so small. Good boy. Sarab records their video. Param says you don’t have teeth. You have to grow up. I got so much homework. The baby smiles. Param says I will do maths first and then English. I told all my friends about you. They asked your name. I said chota baby, they laughed. Param says papa what’s the name of baby? Sarab says we haven’t decided yet. Param says what will I call him then? Think of a name, please. Sarab says let’s ask Meher mama.

Aditi says do you even know how dangerous can it be for Meher. She is taking some medicines after her surgery. It can have an adverse effect on Meher. Go to Meher and see if she’s okay. Sarab and Param are looking for Meher. Aditi says Lalita Meher can have paralysis or she could die. Sarab and Param look for Meher in the house. Sarab sees her on the floor and screams Meher. Sarab says Meher ji please open your eyes. Param says mama what happened to you. Please open your eyes. Everyone comes there. Harleen says what happened Meher? Robbie calls the doctor. But he is at a conference. Param is crying.

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