Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 11th March 2022 ,Written Update: Vaibhav dies.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 11th March 2022 ,Written  Update: Vaibhav dies.

MUMBAI: Episode begins with Bhim Rao and Varchand’s wife searching Vaibhav.

Rama was leaving to find Bhim Rao. Meera stopped her. She told him about Bhim Rao’s friend in Sitara named Dhruv. They both used to talk a lot. Meera tried to comfort Rama, asked her not to worry Bhim Rao must be chatting with Vaibhav. The lower caste craves love and friendship, once they get, they adore and protect it their entire life.

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Bhim Rao came home and slept.

Next morning, Deepak came to Bhim Rao. He took them to Vaibhav. Bhim Rao questioned everyone why they didn’t take him to hospital. Rama discovered that he passed away. Bhim Rao wanted to take him to hospital. Rama and Anand tried to tell him. Anand told Bhim Rao that Vaibhav wasn’t breathing, he died. Bhim Rao shattered; he recalled every memory he had with Vaibhav. he started howling.
Varchand and his family arrived to find Vaibhav dead. His wife started crying, she leaned forward to Vaibhav but was stopped by Varchand. He asked her not to forget that Vaibhav was a lower caste.

Lakshmi happily informed Jijabai about Vaibhav’s demise. Jijabai gave Lakshmi money to buy milk, they will celebrate with a good tea. Meera stared at Lakshmi. Jijabai supported Lakshmi, asked her not to be afraid.

Both Joshi and Rama leaned forward to grab the letter next to Vaibhav. Rama reached it first. Rama read it with tears in her eyes. Joshi ignited everyone against Bhim Rao, said that the lower caste was responsible for Vaibhav’s death. The lower caste uses the religious sentiments of higher caste against them. Joshi said that the lower caste would be celebrating this day. Bhim Rao’s introduction to Vaibhav cost him his life. Vaibhav’s fate ruined once he met Bhim Rao. The people agreed with him. Joshi asked everyone to punish Bhim Rao by giving him death sentence. People leaned forward to kill Bhim Rao. Rama stopped him, asked everyone to read Vaibhav’s letter first. It is said that a dying man never lies.

Rama gave Bhim Rao the letter, asked him to read it. Anand helped Bhim Rao get up. Bhim Rao started reading the letter. It was addressed to Bhim Rao. Vaibhav gave his farewell to Bhim Rao; he blamed his upper caste to be responsible for his cowardness. Bhim Rao was strong, he wins heart. Vaibhav could have fought for him but still he was helpless, he lost his capability to take Bhim Rao to London. Vaibhav loved his brother and sister in law but would never want to be rebirthed in his house again. Vaibhav wanted to be a barrister, won’t be able to become one now. He would surely put his case in front of God to let him decide his house for next time. He swears on his dead mother and father to be born in a lower caste. He asked Bhim Rao to be tremendous in his doing, he would scream from above that his friends Bhim Rao Ambadker is great. Bhim Rao burst into tears.

Update Credit to: Sona

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