Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao signs the paper

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Puranjan asking Ramji to reconsider Bhim Rao’s opinion, he must have something in his mind. Meera agreed with Puranjan. Ramji said that he must have not outgrown his father’s intelligence.

Bhim Rao refused to agree with Rama, he was thinking about everyone and wouldn’t want them to suffer. Rama said that no one was seeing other side of the picture, for them Bhim Rao was a villain. Bhim Rao didn’t care, said that not everyone has broader spectrum to think. Bhim Rao refused to let everyone suffer, his decision to not sign the paper was for everyone greater good.

Varchand asked Hitesh to stick to his words. He gave him a bottle filled with poison which was to be used to tackle Bhim Rao. They were to blackmail Bhim Rao to sign the papers otherwise they would drink the poison. Incase Bhim Rao signs the papers they must comeback to Varchand otherwise drink the poison and die.

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Next morning, they called Bhim Rao and blackmailed him. Bhim Rao questioned. Rama asked them to understand that it was wrong. Joku took the poison out, they were about to drink it. Ramji, Phuliya got worried. Bhim Rao stopped them, he signed the papers and went inside. Hitesh asked everyone else who didn’t sign as well. Hitesh got everyone’s signature. Jijabai was glad because they would get a house. Hitesh told everyone that he would take this paper to Sethji who would give him some money in return which would be distributed amongst everyone. Joku called for a celebration.

Bhim Rao worried about a fraud. Hitesh left. Joku started preparing for the celebration. Rama packed Bhim Rao’s bag asked him to go to college. Bhim Rao asked how she knew which book he need. Rama said that she has been living him long enough to know that. Lakshmi and Rama left for work. Meera was happy to see Rama and Lakshmi together.

Bhim Rao was studying. Joshi asked him for the book twice than took it from him. Bhim Rao took the book back. Joshi asked him again and then snatched it from Bhim Rao’s hands. Bhim Rao questioned Joshi foe teasing him. Joshi wanted to frustrate Bhim Rao, said that he has a written fate that cannot be changed than why waste time on his studies. Bhim Rao thinks otherwise. Joshi told that a donkey can never be a king only a lion can. It was easy for Joshi to be a Barrister, but Bhim Rao can never be on. A man came asking for help. Joshi asked him to step back. The lawyer was not in his office. The man pleaded for help; his entire family was murdered while the police refused to register a case against the culprits. Someone told that a lawyer would help him. Joshi asked for the fee. The man didn’t have enough money to pay the fee. Joshi asked him to leave. Bhim Rao asked the man to wait here for the lawyer. Joshi refused; he pushed the man over asking him to leave. Bhim Rao questioned Joshi. The man refused to live if not treated with justice, he left. The Barrister came. Joshi told that a poor man who didn’t have enough money to pay the fee was asking to be served justice. Joshi said that justice was never served for free. Barrister asked Bhim Rao if thought the same. Bhim Rao denied. Barrister asked Bhim Rao to save the man. He left.

The man was headed to jump from a cliff, he couldn’t live without being served justice. He was about to jump when Bhim Rao saved him. He took him back to the office.

The barrister was worried. Joshi asked him to calm down. They waited for Bhim Rao to come back with the man, or they would be responsible for the man’s death. Bhim Rao brough the man. Barrister asked the man to sit. Bhim Rao was asked to write his complain while Joshi was ordered to serve him water. Joshi asked for his caste because Bhim Rao touched him. the man replied that he belonged to the same caste as Joshi. Sadly, people in his caste were taught respect but maybe Joshi had a different brought up. Barrister asked him to server the water. Bhim Rao asked the man about the men who burnt his house.

The manager brought a man for inspection of the spices which were finely made to be exported London. Rama recalled Bhim Rao’s dream to study in London. Rama went to the man asking him about the educational expenditure to study in London. The man made fun of Rama, said that it would take her a lifetime of to collect such money. Luck and money both were needed to go to London.

Update Credit to: Sona

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