Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 16th June 2021, Written Update: Bala and Rani runaway.

MUMBAI: Sandesh asked Bhim Rao to sew the shoe in Anand’s’ absence, he refused to as he took an oath not to work in the shoe shop. Puranjan informed that Mangesh left the village with his family. Bala praised his decision, this war wasn’t his to fight. Bhim Rao was leaving, Bala tauntingly asked him to stop Mangesh. Bhim Rao left. He went home and started studying.

Maharaj asked to put the story of God coming in Mangesh’s dream asking him to leave Satara. Mahesh said to spread the news, he asked Maharaj’s permission to live in Mangesh house. Maharaj granted him the approval. Mahesh left. Sethji said that Mangesh house is built on the on of the most expensive lands than why he gave it to Mahesh so easily. Maharaj said that he has only approved to give him the house, he can be inflicted to same tragedies as Mangesh.

Sandesh came asking why Rani wasn’t preparing the meal. Rani told him about Meera’s invitation, Sandesh refused to go because they must restrain themselves from eating with the lower caste. Rani insisted to go, they have help us in the bad time giving us the opportunity to earn whilst they were robbing to make their ends meet. Sandesh refused to go. Rani asked him to tell them the real reason of why he didn’t want to eat with them, also notify that he still wants to work while demand help in need. This class difference will never end. Tulsa announced that Jijabai has arrived. Rani went to meet her.

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Everyone was waiting to welcome Jijabai as she came, Ramji holding the luggage went inside. Bhim Rao asked her not to leave again, she has the right to be upset but the absence was miserably felt. Tulsa and Manjula supported Bhim Rao asking Jijabai not to leave again. Rani came, Jijabai inquired. Rani introduced herself, she came here when Bhim Rao was alive and now se came back when Jijabai’s at her place. She is indebted to a lot of their favors. They cooked Jijabai’s favorite dishes. Tulsa and Manjula took her inside. Everyone went inside, Sandesh snatched Rani to make an excuse and leave. Rani asked him to do it himself. Sandesh left threating to break her bones.

Bala came asking Rani to some with her, Rani asked him not to talk nonsense. Bala will wait for her at night, he gave her a choice to either runaway with him or stay with her abusive husband for the rest of her life.

Sandesh angrily waited for Rani to come back, he collected armaments to beat her up.

Everyone ate food in joy. Ramji inquired Sandesh’s absence. Rani made an excuse of severe headache; she will take some food for him. Rani recalled what Bala said to her earlier.

Sandesh was waiting for Rani.

Jijabai gave her food, she left. Bala came outside. They looked at each other, Rani left.

Rani found Sandesh sitting unconscious with a rope and stick in his hand. Rani put the food on ground and ran to Bala. She asked him to take her away. They left instantly.

Bhim Rao came in their way questioning. He refused to let them go without knowing the reason. Bala agreed to tell him. He took him near a tree and tied him up, he was running away with Rani. Bala asked Bhim Rao to inform everyone, he was sorry. Bala and Rani left.

Jijabai brought milk for Ramji, she was asked to sit down. Ramji said that she was brought back because Bala taunted him for not keeping anyone happy, for not understanding anyone. It hurt his sentiments thus he brought her back. Jijabai said that wasn’t he ashamed to know that his wife was away from him for so long. He complied; he left the need to bring her back. Jijabai was happy to hear that. Ramji asked her not to open their relationship status in front of the children. They were growing up; their troubled marriage will affect the children’s future. Jijabai asked him to drink his milk and keep in notice that she doesn’t leave again. She said that as long as the children will consider her a stepmother, she will remain a stepmother. Anand came, Bala and Bhim Rao were not in the house.

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Sandesh woke up. He went to look for Rani.

Meera was worried, Bala and Bhim Rao were no where to be found. Sandesh came informing that Rani was also not in the house. He predicted what happened, he went to search them.

Sandesh found Bala, he untied him. Ramji and Anand came. Bhim Rao told that Bala and Rani ran away. Ramji was shocked. Bhim Rao tried to stop them, both they tied him up to the tree.

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