Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 17th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Jijabai asks Rama to work.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Bhim Rao agreeing to Rama. The door knocks, Rama opens the door. He has come to talk to Bhim Rao, he didn’t want Bhim Rao to divert his attention from his studies because of Anand. Education must be prioritized. Ramji would wake Bhim Rao up at 4 a.m. to study. Ramji left. Bhim Rao praised Ramji for being the best father. Bhim Rao approved.

Next morning, Bhim Rao went to his Sanskrit teacher. He was furious to see Bhim Rao, asked to maintain distance as he took a bath. He inquired why Bhim Rao came. Bhim Rao wanted to learn Sanskrit. Teacher said that Bhim Rao has lost his mind. Bhim Rao said that people maintain distance from in at public sites but at home they are much lenient. The teacher claimed to be the same everywhere, he searched for a stick to beat Bhim Rao with. Bhim Rao offered him the one he brought. The teacher’s wife questioned who Bhim Rao was, for what reason he came here for. Upon being informed about Bhim Rao’s caste she asked her husband to send him away before he casts a bad reflection on her unborn child. Bhim Rao refused to leave, he wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to learn Sanskrit. The teacher went inside. Bhim Rao sat besides his house, open a book to read.

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Rama glanced herself in the mirror thinking about Bhim Rao calling her a queen. She asked herself, Lakshmi told her that she was queen of a man who earns nothing. She asked Rama to help Jijabai in the kitchen. Rama left. Lakshmi looked herself in the mirror, she didn’t want Rama to become a queen. As she was the elder daughter in law and her husband earns, she should be the queen.

Rama went to Jijabai to help her in kitchen as Lakshmi said, she was taunted for not realizing it herself. Jijabai said that Rama cannot take Lakshmi’s place in the kitchen, her husband earns. Rama asked her not to taunt, she considered Jijabai her mother. She wished to be loved by her. Jijabai asked Rama to do what she pleases or else leave. Rama left.

A woman called Jijabai. The woman brought sweets to celebrate her young Daughter in law’ return. She was at most peace in her presence. Jijabai consider her lucky for having a daughter in law like this, not everyone’s that luck. The woman said that her daughter in law earns money. She went to pack her some lunch for work. Jijabai asked Rama to understand her responsibility and earn on her husband’s behalf in return Jijabai would arrange food for her as well. Rama questioned that the males wont like her working. Jijabai asked her to keep it a secret. She would be able to help family in earning more money. Rama agreed to go to the woman. Jijabai fed her the sweet. Rama left. Jijabai ought to prepare Rama to answer any questioned the family will impose on her, her earning would be as important as Bhim Rao’s education.

Puranjan and Ramji were searching for another job to earn more. They saw a man finding workers to lift coal offering to pay 5 annas per person. Puranjan convince Ramji to work here for the day. They went to the owner, he hired them immediately.

The woman asked Rama not to worry, the owner would come in a while and pick them up from here. there was no need to be tensed, Jijabai has said that she would handle everything else.

The teacher noticed Bhim Rao sitting outside her house.

A man came asking Rama and other women if they wanted to lift coal for a day. Rama and the woman went with him.

The teacher wanted to take Bhim Rao to the principal. Bhim Rao agreed, he asked him to inform principal about everything. The teacher questioned his manners. Joshi came and said that the lower caste has none. He came to congratulate the teacher for beating Bhim Rao because he couldn’t come to him collage. The teacher was frustrated with Bhim Rao. Joshi articulated Bhim Rao with a mosquito. Bhim Rao said that Joshi doesn’t have manners otherwise he would have beaten someone on the road. Joshi asked for evidence. Joshi wished to walk the teacher to college, he had important things to discuss with him. Joshi handed over the sweets to Guruji’s wife, took her blessings. They left. The wife asked Bhim Rao to leave as well. Bhim Rao apologized for disturbing her.

Joshi wanted Guruji to tutor Bhim Rao and on that make him do his house chores. Consider him an unpaid servant. Bhim Rao came, Guruji asked him to clean his front door. Bhim Rao questioned as he would get late for collage. Guruji said that it was a condition for him to learn Sanskrit, Bhim Rao had to do whatever he was told for the next seven days.

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Precap: Bhim Rao accepts to do anything to learn Sanskrit. It was a war based on castes.

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