Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 23rd August 2021, Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao doesn’t want Rama to work

MUMBAI: In this episode Jijabai asks Rama to control her attitude, she left. Rama fell to the floor, cried. She was determined in not to work with that lady, her husband was neither a liar nor does he make fake promises.

Professor Padmakar was on sick leave. The substitute teacher excused himself from the lecture as well. Bhim Rao asked what happened to Professor Padmakar. He writes his journal every day, for many days he hasn’t been able to write why he couldn’t study. The teacher narrated him the reason that Professor Padmakar has a headache due to presence of lower caste. Guruji came and asked Bhim Rao to take teacher’s signature on it as well so that when any invigilation occurs that could explain. The teacher asked if he was being threatened. He refused to sign or even touch Bhim Rao’s notebook. The professor said he would sing the notebook. Bhim Rao came to forward to have the notebook signed. The teacher agreed to teach the class. He knew he was being tricked into it. The other professors left. Th teacher gave a lecture on human psychology. Bhim Rao said to himself that education was his life.

At night everyone asked who sent Rama to work. Anand said that him being injured didn’t require her to work. Ramji said that she must have thought about her decision. Rama wanted to work; it was important for the family. Bhim Rao said that he must work as well. Rama asked him to work on his studies. Lakshmi and Jijabai considered Rama working as their success.

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The neighbors wanted to know about the happenings in Ramji’s house regarding Rama. Daliya amma asked them to mind their own business. the shoemaker said that they were neighbors, they had the right to know.

Bhim Rao wouldn’t be at peace knowing that Rama was wondering for work. Rama wasn’t education enough, she needed to find work. Bhim Rao asked her to study. Rama silenced her, asked him to focus on his studies. She didn’t want to study. Bhim Rao said that Rama values him she must not work otherwise its her choice, he would accept it. Bhim Rao left. Jijabai asked her if Bhim Rao was lecturing again. She said that if Rama considers his husband a God, he doesn’t let go of his decisions. He becomes stubborn, Rama must do the same.
Ramji was telling Bhim Rao that she has the same enthusiasm as Bhim Rao. He couldn’t differ between a son and a daughter in – law. He wouldn’t be able to stop Tulsa and Manjula. Ramji asked him to understand, Bhim Rao wanted Rama to let go of her desire to work.
Rama was determined, she wanted to work. she wished to share a hand in Bhim Rao’s education. She hoped for him to become a barrister.
Next Morning, Rama was not home. Bhim Rao wasn’t able to find him. Meera inquired. The neighbors questioned whether she was scold last night and left the house early morning in despair. The shoemaker said that she left to make everyone understand that she doesn’t care about anyone. Rama’s sibling’s came, they weren’t able to find Rama. Meera was worried. Joshi came saying that Rama must have run away with a wealthier man, being tired of her husbands laziness. Rama came and said that she went buy some stuff, have returned to work, and earn money from it. The landlord demanded to receive the rent on the first of every month otherwise they would have to empty the houses. The people requested to have time till tenth of every month. Joshi refused, said that everyone would suffer as long as Bhim Rao was living here. Joshi left.

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The people accused Bhim Rao and the family for being insensitive. Rama said that they care. she had brought shoe polish, wanted the shoemaker to teach her. asked Daliya amma to teach her how to make Daliya. She told Bhim Rao that her words matter a lot to her. she had some many, borrowed some from Daliya amma. She would open her own shop. Bhim Rao and Anand opened a shoe shop in their childhood, Ramji prohibited him to work in it. He didn’t want Rama to work in a shoe shop as well. He was said that his caste members were unable to think beyond. Rama couldn’t understand, all she knew that she didn’t want anything to become a hurdle in her husband’s education.

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