Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 24th March 2022, Written Update: A Man From Puna Visits Bhim Rao


MUMBAI : The episode begins with Meera taunting Jijabai for considering everyone a burden especially her. Bhim Rao comforted Meera. Rama called him outside, she needed to talk.

Varchand was furious. He asked his wife what to do with Bhim Rao. She recalled him warning her not to interfere again. She said that he wouldn’t listen to her. It was Varchand’s decision to listen to his wife. She didn’t consider Bhim Rao an ordinary person, there was something extraordinary in him. Varchand questioned why she think so. She told that no one has won against Varchand before, Joshi who has been fighting Bhim Rao for years haven’t succeeded once. She believed that Bhim Rao had some divine power in him. Varchand laughed, made fun of his wife. He asked why she believed that Bhim Rao had divine power. Meanwhile a man came asking about Bhim Rao. Varchand called him in. The man asked for Bhim Rao’s address. He was asked if Bhim Rao was his relative. The man had heard a lot about Bhim Rao. He came here from Puna, wanted to pay him visit. Varchand questioned why. The man told that the name Bhim Rao held a special feeling in it. Varchand asked the man to leave. Varchand’s wife asked the man if he knew Varchand. The man replied with a no. Varchand ordered his men to drag the guy oust of the house. His wife turned to Varchand, told that people outside the city knew Bhim Rao. He replied that wife must never take her husband’s name. She reminded that Varchand’s real name has never been spoken out of her mouth. She told him that it was a wife’s duty to remind her husband about the right path. Varchand asked her to leave, otherwise she would be beaten to death. Afterwards, Varchand angrily threw things away.

Rama told Bhim Rao about the expense. Bhim Rao didn’t have enough money. Rama questioned why Bhim Rao didn’t speak in front of Jijabai, she didn’t like it. Bhim Rao asked her not to worry about everything everyone says. Rama wasn’t like Bhim Rao, what others says hurt her. Bhim Rao comforted her; they must endure it. He told her a solution. According to it, one must be considered a stranger if what he/she says hurts your feelings no matter how close that person it to you. Only consider one yours when he is there for your wellbeing. Rama questioned; how long they would live like this. Bhim Rao didn’t have an answer to it. The man came to Bhim Rao, introduced himself. He was delighted to meet Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao invited him home, he refused as he had to leave to catch a train. The man gave Bhim Rao as a souvenir to help him in his battle. Bhim Rao resisted, but the man gave him the money. He left, told that he would inform everyone in Puna that he got to meet Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao gave that money Rama, asked her to shop whatever was needed not because Jijabai taunted her but because they were necessary for Meera. She recalled Bhim Rao’s words that there were helping people out there as well. They saw Ramji and Puranjan lifting heavy weight.

Bhim Rao went to him, took off the sacks. He questioned his father. Ramji informed that he left that job. Rama asked why, the job was near their house and didn’t require physical fatigue. Ramji didn’t like the job, he even stopped Bhim Rao from it. Bhim Rao said it was a nice option to live a life from. Ramji astound at Bhim Rao. He asked if Bhim Rao studied only to live. Ramji never taught that to his son. People need to elevate from the fact that lower caste could only be sweepers though being highly qualified. Puranjan told that Ramji tore the letter. Bhim Rao said that he didn’t chose the job out of ease but because he was helpless. He offered Ramji that job because it would have been easy for Ramji, his health was failing. Bhim Rao didn’t care what people thought of him, he cared for his father only. He asked Ramji to come with him to the office. Ramji refused; he didn’t want to work that job. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to understand, he had lost his mother now he can not afford to lose his father as well. Rama complied with Bhim Rao, requested Ramji to come home. Ramji reminded how Bhim Rao used to fight everyone for his education, back in Sitara. Since then, till now Bhim Rao has been struggling. It hurt Ramji to see his son like that, but he managed to live it. Bhim Rao was asked to live with it as well.

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