Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 26th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao gets suspended from College.

MUMBAI: In this episode when Bhim Rao entered college a student ran to inform Joshi about it. Bhim Rao came to the classroom, a student locked the door while Joshi and other students where in the class. Bhim Rao questioned, he wasn’t afraid of Joshi. Joshi with the other students bullied and harassed Bhim Rao. They tore up his notebooks, broke his glasses. Joshi asked Bhim Rao to complain about it to the principal. They weren’t afraid of being expelled or suspended. Bhim Rao decided to go to the police station because he comes to college to study rather than waste time with these students. Bhim Rao left. The students were terrified.

The professor asked Bhim Rao where he was headed. Bhim Rao replied that he would return in a while.

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Puranjan had brought food for Ramji. Ramji was glad to have a friend like him. Puranjan was glad to have a family like him, he was happy for Rama and Bhim Rao. He wished for their prosperous future. Ramji doubted that Bhim Rao’s approval regarding Rama earning. Puranjan said that Rama’s decision was accurate related to the presiding situation. Ramji and Puranjan fed each other.
Bhim Rao had brought police to college. Police wanted to meet the principal. Headed to the principal’s office, the entire staff followed. The principal questioned. The police answered that Bhim Rao has filed a case against some students in this college. Bhim Rao said that Joshi and his friends bullied him, tore his books. Principal called Joshi. He said that Bhim Rao was lying. He asked Bhim Rao forget the past conflict, but he refused. The fight has caused injuries to his friends as well. Bhim Rao denied, he told the entire scenario, he didn’t know how the other student got injured. A professor asked Bhim Rao for evidence. Bhim Rao showed his books. Police asked Principal for permission to arrest the students. Principal denied permission, it would damage their reputation. The police left telling Bhim Rao to think before coming to file a complaint. Bhim Rao pleaded that he was not at fault. Principal angrily asked silenced him. he said that Bhim Rao should have come to him first, bringing police was very disgraceful. Joshi intervened, said that he advised him to do the same, but he wanted to go to police. Bhim Rao asked him not to lire. A professor said that the injuries on other students was proof that Bhim Rao was lying, otherwise if all of them would have beaten Bhim Rao he would be alive. A professor mocked that if Joshi brought the police, he would have been suspended than why everyone was silent now. A professor supported Bhim Rao, he was being trapped. Joshi asked which punishment would be declared for Bhim Rao as he was at fault. The principal suspended Bhim Rao for fifteen days for calling the police. Bhim Rao requested, pleaded. Principal knew that Bhim Rao was a bright students, but punishments were equal for everyone. He asked everyone to dismiss.

Bhim Rao came out in despair. Joshi asked if Bhim Rao knew the way out or should they drop him there.

Everyone applauded as Rama inaugurated her shoe shop. The shoemaker opposed clapping for Rama’s shoe shop. His brother called him; he slapped the shoemaker. He went aside.

Shoemaker’s brother taunted that him for being stupid enough to let someone open another shoe shop in his locality. While he was residing here, he never let that happen. He replied that Bhim Rao and Ramji don’t let him govern. The brother asked him to settle his luggage.

Bhim Rao’s Guruji said that he made the wrong decision by calling the police. He must have consulted someone first. They asked and encouraged Bhim Rao to make wise decisions with respect to the troubles he has to face and would face in future.

Anand requested Lakshmi to sit with Rama in her shop. Jijabai won’t help her, but she could support Rama. Lakshmi said that her husbands earn than why should she sit with Rama. Anand asked her not to differentiate, they don’t know about the future. They must live united. Lakshmi left. Anand said that Lakshmi would never understand how important Bhim Rao was for him. he taught him to live and believe that his life was no different than the upper caste.

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Bhim Rao was wandering in the streets thinking about the incident in college.

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