Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 3rd August 2021, Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao and family leaves the house.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with the landlord giving the lower caste an ultimatum to evacuate their house till morning. Ramji inquired. He has that he was the landlord and had the authority. Bhim Rao spoke that they pay rent, like everybody else. Everyone here was of the same caste; lower caste doesn’t hurt anybody than why only they were being subjected. Ghoshi appeared, he said that Bhim Rao’s spoke to him in a loud voice, thus he had to be taught a lesson for that. He demanded everyone to leave till morning. He said that he would make Bhim Rao’s bedroom a dumpster. Bhim Rao asked Ghoshi not to drag college fight between these many families. Ramji requested landlord; they have been living at peace for many years. He asked him not to listen to Ghoshi. Landlord said that Ghosh was his nephew, he wasn’t doing anything on his demand, the situation has elevated to the castes. Bhim Rao shows pride in front of Ghoshi, he must be taught a lesson. He asked them to leave till dawn. Bhim Rao pleaded him not to punish everyone else for their mistake. Ghoshi asked Bhim Rao to plea again by joining his hands. Everyone joined their hands in an instance. Rama refused to let Bhim Rao do so. Jijabai asked her to be quiet. If he can fight in college, he can join his hands here as well. Rama and Puranjan wanted to argue. Meera and Ramji silenced them. Bhim Rao joined hands in front of them, pleaded to shoe mercy on the poor. Ghoshi felt good, yet he was determined on his stance. Everyone was asked to evacuate their homes before sunrise. Anand apologized on him Rao’s behalf. Ghoshi said that he doesn’t wan to see anyone related to Bhim Rao. Ghoshi left with the Landlord.

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Rama came to Bhim Rao, she put his hands down. The shoemaker said that that’s why they asked them not to educate Bhim Rao. Everyone asked where they were supposed to go now. They questioned that Bhim Rao doesn’t know what it taks to build a home, he has been living off from what his family earns for him. Rama replied that Bhim Rao has the realization, that’s why he joined his hands and pleaded. Bhim Rao said that no one would have to leave, he will talk to Ghoshi once more. Rama asked him to come inside instead. Jijabai intervened asking Rama to let him go, he has had solution for al problems since a child. Rama said that they were influential people with men, they can hurt Bhim Rao. Anand agreed. Lakshmi complained that Anand only cared for his brother, not for the people who would be homeless. Anand said that he can not send Bhim Rao get hurt. The upper caste asked the lower caste to pack their stuff and leave. Everyone else went inside. Bhim Rao ran towards Ghoshi, Anand stopped him, it was of no use. Shoemaker cursed him Rao, said that he wouldn’t live happily after ruining his life. It was about to rain.

At night, shoemaker was talking to other neighbors that he would talk to Ghoshi , he earned this place after a lot of hardwork. Won’t leave this place that easily.

Jijabi was fighting Ramji for overlooking at Bhim Rao’s every mistake. Rama closed the door. Bhiim Rao said that closing doors wont ease thing, he made a mistake. Rama said that his wife doesn’t consider him the culprit.

In the morning, Goshi came with the landlord. Rama was sweeping the floor. Ghoshi asked if she packed her stuff. Rama questioned why they were doing so. Ghoshi said that they were picking worms from the society and throwing them out. He called everyone. Shoemaker said that they don’t have anywhere else to go. He and another person threatened to burn themselves alive. Daliya amma asked them not to die for this man. Landlord and Ghoshi were unbothered. They requested not to throw them out becausee of Bhim Rao’s mistake. Jijabai requested as well. Ghoshi recalled Bhim Rao saying that the lower caste was uncountable for him. Ghoshi said that they everyone else would be allowed to live if Bhim Rao and his family leaves. Daliya amma refused. Majority agreed with while few were not in favor of that. Rama spoke that Bhim Rao’s being victimized while he studies to change the future for him and his caste members. Ghoshi was infuriated. The men asked Bhim Rao to leave or they will throw him out. Bhim Rao said that he and Rama would leave, everyone else should be allowed to stay here. Ramji said that they came here together hence would leave together as well. Jijabai asked Ramji to think about other’s except Bhim Rao, Lakshmi was expecting. Rami furiously ordered her to pack the stuff.

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They were leaving. Recalling their memories from the past. Bhim Rao looked back. Ghoshi was ordering his workers to clean this house well. He asked everyone to stay away from the house, no one should touch it. Everyone must remember their status otherwise same would happen to them as Bhim Rao. He said to Bhim Rao that he would throw him out of the college as well.

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