Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 3rd June 2021, Written Update

MUMBAI: Guruji came calling Ramji, he blessed him. Guruji came to have his shoe fixed, he came to know about their shoe making shop. Puranjan and Ramji were happy to have gotten a customer to inaugurate their shop. On this happy occasion, Meera thought of making something sweet. Ramji gave Bhim Rao money to buy items for the dish. Anand took Guruji’s shoe to be fixed. Ramji and Puranjan followed. Bala was asked to bring water at the shop. Meera asked Rani to start preparing the sweet.

As Rani was preparing, Bala came asking for Rani decision regarding the instrument. Rani refused to learn as she was not lent permission by her husband. She questioned Bala for not stopping her before, he knew that women weren’t allowed to play instruments. Bala insisted her to learn. She said that there is no use of learning if it won’t help her earn and at the end her husband didn’t agree to her playing. Bala knew that no one would appoint her to play instruments, he only agreed to teach because he became greedy for her company. He loves spending time with her. Bala left.

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Mangesh was worried, recalling his brother’s threat. Mangesh didn’t want to hand over his land, it was the only saving for his daughter’s marriage. Maharaj came calling Mangesh. He was surprised to see Maharaj in his house. Maharaj said that he had something important to discuss, he asked Mangesh not to worry about his Land. Bhim Rao was crossing nearby. Sethji and Pandit greeted Maharaj. Maharaj informed Mangesh that God came in his dream with a solution to Mangesh’s problem, Maharaj asked him to give that land to God, he will build a temple there.

Guruji praised Anand as he sewed his shoe. Anand said that he has always loved this work, he used to sit with another shoemaker to learn its technique. Ramji knew about his addiction and was glad to know that his son was learning something. Talent never goes to waste.

Mangesh argued as that piece of land is very valuable. Maharaj told him that afterlife is more important than his daughter’s marriage, offering that land will lend him God’s help after death. Maharaj left. Sethji asked Mangesh not to ponder more, he should give his land in God’s name.

Guruji paid the fee, Ramji was grateful. Starting their business with Guruji’s blessing was a delight.

Bhim Rao called Mangesh, he was asked not to come near. Bhim Rao said that despite all the unfairness he came here to inform that Maharaj was conspiring to occupy Mangesh’s land. If God is the owner of all than why does he need his piece of land. Bhim Rao asked him not to believe such fake people, they are greedy for everything. Bhim said that he will be there for everyone in need, his words must not be ignored because of his lower caste but Mangesh should think on it himself. He left. Mangesh thought of all those times when he was against Bhim Rao, he watched him walk away. Mangesh agreed with Bhim Rao, he cannot give Maharaj his land.

Ramji asked to keep their first income save, it will always be remembered. Puranjan asked Anand to prepare a Shoe for him, he and his caste member have never worn shoe before, but they have to take a start from somewhere.

Guruji was crossing by, Mangesh went to him asked for his blessings. Guruji was astounded to see Mangesh in this manner. Mangesh wanted his advice, he explained the dilemma. Guruji said that Bhim Rao is wrong, Mangesh should give his land to Maharaj in the name of Dharam. Mangesh knew that Guruji was saying so because Mangesh has always been pro Maharaj. Guruji said that if he has the capability to think, he must go to the one making him think differently. Bhim Rao might give him the right advice. Guruji left.
Guruji said that it was an achievement that someone outside his caste member was seeking his advice. Guruji purposely convinced asked Mangesh to ask for help from Bhim Rao.

While kneading the flour Rani recalled what Bala said to her earlier. She was done with the flour, Meera asked her to leave she will prepare the rest.

Bala saw her going to her home, he went after her.

Another customer paid Anand for his services. Anand said that they would not have to find any work from now one. Ramji prayed for his business to be successful in that way they can offer other people job opportunities. Ramji asked Anand to go to market with him and collect orders. Bhim Rao came, he informed them about Mangesh’s land which Maharaj wanted to take. Bhim Rao said that he advised Mangesh not to let Maharaj have his land. Puranjan and Ramji questioned Bhim Rao for involving in their matter. Bhim Rao replied that it was matter of justice, which has to be served.

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