Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 4th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Ramji and the family on streets.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Rama saying to Ghoshi that making Bhim Rao homeless won’t stop him from going to college. He will go to college and stand in front of him like before. Many other people like Ghoshi have tried to destroy Bhim Rao but no one has been able to defeat his will and, neither can Ghoshi. Ghoshi threatened to follow him everywhere in Bombay, teach him his actual value. Bhim Rao said that brining evil against him was a waste of time for Ghoshi, he must work to better his life instead. They left.

Carrying their luggage around Lakshmi felt tired. They all sat beside the road to rest. Ramji asked them to rest here for a while. He noticed a tent around the corner, took everyone there, fixed it to make a suitable lace to sit. Ramji asked Jijabai to give Anand money to buy food. Jijabai refused to give such vast spending would affect the monthly budget. Anand left to buy food from some money he had saved. Bhim Rao said that he would leave to college, just as Rama said to Ghoshi. He was asked to say for food, he was hungry as well. Bhim Rao said to buy food from college canteen, he had the pocket money Ramji gave him. Rama remembering that Bhim Rao gave it to Jijabai tried to stop him, but Jijabai intervened and silenced her. Bhim Rao left. Ramji asked Anand not to go to work today. He and Puranjan left to search a house. Rama asked him to wait for food. Jijabai scold her for trying to prove that she was the only one who cared. Ramji questioned Jijabai. He left. Jijabai considered orphan siblings of Rama a curse on her family. Rama asked her siblings not to answer. They said that they will not say anything to Jijabai.

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Back at the society everyone asked Daliya amma to remain silent regarding Bhim Rao and his siblings. Ghoshi must not know that they sympathize with them otherwise they would be thrown out as well. Daliya amma argued, she said that Ramji, Bhim Rao and Rama have helped everyone in this family. She made them realize the many times the family was there in need. Such people must not be forgotten. The people said that they cared for them when they lived together but now, they cannot afford to put themselves in trouble because of a mistake Bhim Rao made. Daliya amma’s son asked her to go and live with Bhim Rao’s family if she cared for them too much. She slapped him in return and started crying. Meanwhile, products to clean Ramji’s house were brought.

Bhim Rao walking his way to school recalled Ghoshi’s demand to remove Bhim Rao from the society and everyone willing to do as Ghoshi pleased. Near College’s entrance, a man all covered threw water on Bhim Rao. He ran, Bhim Rao ran after him. Ghoshi stopped him, he asked Bhim Rao to go home and change. Bhim Rao replied that wet clothes won’t stop him from educating himself. Ghoshi wanted to fight but noticed professors around him. he asked if Bhim Rao as blaming him for throwing the water. Bhim Rao agreed. He said that water is needed to put out fire. He explained it to the professor that water was thrown at Bhim Rao outside college’s premises. Bhim Rao said that the man came running inside the college. Professor asked Bhim Rao not to blame Ghoshi without evidence. Guruji asked Bhim Rao to recognize. He refused to recognize as the man hid himself with a blanket. Guruji asked everyone to go to their classrooms. Bhim Rao was asked to return home and change his clothes otherwise he would fall sick from the wet clothes. Bhim Rao refused. Guruji gave him his stall to keep him warm. Everyone was amazed. Ghoshi asked Bhim Rao to remain careful, he taunted Guruji for running out of clothes by giving them to Bhim Rao. Professor said that no matter what happens Bhim Rao will change the bad one day. The professor was asked not to dream big. Everyone went to their classes.

Anand brought food, gave it to Jijabai and Rama. She was worried about Bhim Rao being alone in college with Ghoshi. Anand explained that they used to worry about him like that as well, Bhim loves to fight battles alone. Soon Rama would relieve herself from this tension like everyone else did. He advised her not to worry and eat her food. Rama said to herself that she wouldn’t eat anything before Bhim Rao comes back from college.

Precap: Ghoshi throws garbage at Ramji’s tent. Ramji question him, Ghoshi wished to throes garbage anywhere they go. Lakshmi says that Ghoshi will not stop, they must leave Bombay. Ramji refuses. Bhim Rao becomes determine to clean all the Garbage from Bombay.

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