Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Joshi begs in the streets

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Rama informing Bhim Rao that Ramji gained conscious but insisting that he was alright. Rama asked Bhim Rao to talk to him. Bhim Rao wondered what to talk to a man who has always struggled to fulfil his responsibilities, to get his children educated. He didn’t know what to talk to him about. Rama knew, but they must make Ramji realize that he was not well enough.

Ramji insisted on being okay. He said that doctor was lying, he can stand and work. He has to work for Bhim Rao, to get his education completed. Everyone kept asking him to relax and take rest for a while. Ramji wanted to earn more so that he could celebrate Bhim Rao’s achievement. Meanwhile Bhim Rao came and asked him to rest because Ramji fell sick for a reason. He told him not to work. Ramji said that no trouble has ever been able to sustain itself in front of strength. Bhim Rao knew who Ramji was, he knew that his father has won every war every struggle but this time he has to rest. His children would not let him work, as per doctor’s instructions. Anand, Lakshmi, Puranjan insisted. Bhim Rao wen to arrange a vehicle for Ramji.

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Joshi was dresses in a white cloth and tied to a pole. Varchand brought him a neckless which Joshi vehemently refused to wear but was helpless. Varchand said that Joshi begging in this attire would be an example for people that he was a savior of this caste. Joshi was untied and asked to be taken to beg around the streets. Joshi understood that it was Varchand taking his revenge on him. Joshi was given a pot to collect alms in, Varchand’s men would stay with him. Joshi objected; he was being trapped. Varchand knew, but the world didn’t. He said that the rules were same for everyone, they have to be followed. Even Resham Seth’s nephew can’t escape from them. If Joshi refuses to be subservient to his orders the society would make him do so. Varchand reminded how Joshi taunted him for wearing bangles thus he gave Joshi a pot to beg.

Ramji was brought home. Hitesh said that the God was teaching Ramji a lesson. Bhim Rao asked him to be quiet. Hitesh said that he would talk on this matter, Bhim Rao must understand that there were some specific rules, norms, and orders on nature to be followed. Another spokes that Bhim Rao and Rama would never understand. Bhim Rao would continue asking Ramji for money. Daliya why it was their concern, Bhim Rao was asking his father. The men were taunting for poking their nose in Bhim Rao and Ramji’s family for unnecessary reasons. Ramji asked to let them speak. His torment was a delight for them. He asked them to speak whatever pleases them.

Joshi was being dragged door to door to collect alms.

Jijabai gave Bhim Rao money to bring vegetables and fruits for Ramji. Jijabai told Bhim Rao not to overspend, she would calculate. Bhim Rao was taunted for being a burden for his father. That cart was just an object, Ramji fell because of Bhim Rao. He works day and night so that Bhim Rao could achieve his dreams. Jijabai pleaded Bhim Rao to carry his own burden, fulfil his dreams himself. Bhim Rao silently turned around. Jijabai questioned him. Bhim Rao asked her not to worry about the money. Jijabai refused to spend a singe penny of pension on Bhim Rao.

Rama was extremely happy at Bhim Rao’s success. Bhim Rao remembered Vaibhav; he would have been happy as well. Rama said that Vaibhav would have wanted him to pursue higher education. Bhim Rao told Rama that it would take 25 annas annually for higher education which have be submitted collectively in a month. Rama worried, as per her salary it would take her years to arrange such money. Bhim Rao was clueless himself, he had no one to seek help from. Bhim Rao saw Joshi being dragged around the streets. Bhim Rao recalled himself facing similar treatment.

Update Credit to: Sona

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