Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim’s family to leave Satara

MUMBAI: It was dawn. Ram ji wakes up by the noise outside. A man outside Ramji’s house had severe stomachache. Maharaj and his men blamed Ram ji’s family for the hunger of the man from their caste. Maharaj thinks that now Bhim must answer. Bhim questions what kind of justice this is. Bhim says it is about forcing their own decision through this man and sit-in and is unjust. The man was also not ready to go to hospital. Everyone insists this is unfair to give a sit-in and force their decision. Villagers blame Bhim and family to leave people of their caste alone to suffer. Dhansuklal accuses that Ram ji’s family insulted the people from their own caste. The villagers leave. Bala looks for Gopal to find them a way out. Ram ji’s family also goes inside.

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Dhansuklal discusses with family that he induced pain through medicine in the sufferer. Still, Ram ji’s family stand firm. Maharaj says soon the condition of man will worsen. They will see how Bhim Rao, and his family is saved. Bala overhears this and decides to tell Gopal. Bala comes to Gopal, he tells Gopal about planning of Maharaj and his men, and one of their caste’s man is suffering. He is a well-wisher of their caste.

Gopal says no way is wrong when one stands for the right. They must also sacrifice a little to save someone. Bala wasn’t ready for sacrifice. He comes home to tell Ram ji and everyone about the planning of Maharaj.

Maharaj and men also reach there. The man of Maharaj accuses Bala but Bala says they can take the left over Prasad to Ved. Maharaj’s man was ready for them to take. Bhim asks Gopal to take them to Ved ji. He requests them all to go as well. Gopal defends that Maharaj might have given him medicine, but the problem lies with Bhim’s stance as well. These people are not here because of Maharaj, but with their own wit. Bhim pleads on the people to take the man to doctor. Ram ji also requests them to take him to doctor, they will later speak about the matter. Maharaj tells them to either convince their sister for the Pooja, or let this man die.

Gopal recalls Maharaj’s words that he has to take care of convincing Bhim leave the village. Gopal speaks to Bhim Rao and demands Bhim, and his family leave the village. Gopal says neither he will be a part of this society, nor will his decision effect. They will miss him, but at least his self-respect and his principles will remain intact. Maharaj’s men side Gopal’s suggestion. Ram ji was annoyed at their demand. Maharaj says it is rightly so that they wish them to leave. Bhim thinks his mother wanted them to live here, but he decides to leave Satara, but at least take this man to hospital. At least his Bua will not have to forcefully do what they all want him to. Bala argues. Bhim allows him to live here if he wants to, this society is familiar for them. Bhim says this is the only way left. Puranjan asks Ram ji to think again. Ram ji agrees. He says he is upset that his own people did not stay with his values. They will leave Satara as soon as the man recovers. People carry the man in a cloth piece. Maharaj cheers that Ram ji’s life is Satara ends here.

Tulsa breaks the utensils inside out of agony. She cries that her mother struggled to construct this house and all of this. Now, Ram ji and Bhim are ready to leave this place. She will end everything but will not let them take a single item from here. Anand scolds Tulsa. Bala says she is right. Anand blames Bala. Bala accuses Anand for always being on Bhim’s side. There was a fight between the siblings. Anand reminds Bala when Bhim helped him. The fight does not end and Bala slaps Anand. Anand slaps Bala as well. They start to wrestle. Villagers enjoy the fight. Ram ji comes to part the two sons, and slaps both turn by turn. He shouts at them for fighting. Anand and Bala place their stance. Bala did not want to run away from village. Ram ji announces they will leave Satara tomorrow. Bhim says he did not ask Bala to leave. Bala blames that Bhim does not understand a way out so he is running. Bhim says this is also a fight. No matter they have to leave the house, they will not give up on their values and principles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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