Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rama creates a misunderstanding.

MUMBAI: The episode starts with paying a woman named Chandni to become Gomti and create a misunderstanding between Rama and Bhim Rao. She asked where she would find Bhim Rao, he gave her the location.

Puranjan pointed that they cannot meet the superior officer, they must listen to Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao asked them to have a discussion. The people left. Puranjan Said to Bhim Rao that the lower caste would not be allowed to go inside, strike would become a necessity. Bhim Rao that governmental rules were necessary to follow. Ramji went to check on the people. Bhim Rao, Puranjan and Rama came back home.

Daliya amma taunted everyone that other neighborhoods supported Bhim Rao while his own neighbors were against it. Hitesh questioned Bhim Rao’s success. Other people said Bhim Rao’s desire wont change anything. Puranjan replied that if anyone wanted to see what Bhim Rao was capable of, they must visit Satara. The people asked them to return back to Satara. Bhim Rao asked everyone t return to their works, they opinions won’t bring any change in him. Bhim Rao went inside. Jijabai asked Rama to com to the kitchen, she had to talk to her.

Jijabai asked why she wasn’t focused on her shop. Bhim Rao said that he was leaving for the ground. Rama excused herself from Jijabai and went after Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao sat, he knew Rama would come and he would tell her the truth. Rama was curious to know who Gomti was. Chandni came forth, she asked Bhim Rao if he lived in the near locality. She asked if she could wait here for Guruji. Rama stared to cry.
Joshi fueled Rama against Bhim Rao for having an affair with someone. He said that an honorable wife would leave her house immediately. He advised her to die rather than having a husband like Bhim Rao. He wanted to see how Rama would coupe with the situation. Rama ran away.

She came to a corner; she was in disbelief. She recalled Bhim Rao’ confession of lover of her, she didn’t expect this form him. Deepak came from behind, he inquired and said that Ramji was searching for Rama and Bhim Rao. The people have sat down for a strike. Rama asked him to inform this to Bhim Rao who was in the garden.

Bhim Rao was coming out of the garden. He saw Guruji. Guruji informed him about the strike, he heard people talking against Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao asked for Guruji’s opinion. Guruji believed in Bhim Rao. He said that there was light at the end of every tunnel. He gifted him a pen. Bhim Rao was the most different and unique student of Guruji. He has always seen the light and followed it. Guruji believed that Bhim Rao would be successful in his life. Bhim Rao replied that his mother was her first teacher, then his father, then Ambadker Guruji and then him. His teachers have always taught him the best and supported him. Bhim Rao was most thankful to his teacher. Deepak came, he said that Ramji was calling Bhim Rao. He left.

The people were protesting vehemently. Joshi came and said that the strike won’t help them. The people responded that they would not collect garbage anymore. Rama came, Ramji inquired where Bhim Rao was. Joshi asked the people that their strike won’t be successful, he left. Bhim Rao, he was thankful to everyone. Ramji asked Rama to arrange tea for the protestor. Bhim Rao decided to help Rama in it. Rama refused, said she would handle it herself and left. Bhim Rao went after her.

Bhim Rao inquired, he knew she was upset because he went to meet Gomti. She refused to talk about it and left. Bhim Rao decided to tell her the truth.

Dailya amma’s son suspected that Bhim Rao knew some kind of sorcery. He gathered a lot of supporter for himself. Hitesh agreed with him. Daliya amma asked them to concentrate on their job. Their negativity won’t take them anywhere.

Jijabai refused to give sugar and milk of the people, said that of Ramji wanted so he must talk to her himself. Meera tried to convince Jijabai, said that people would remember her tea. Asked if she was giving the milk. Jijabai said that Rama knew where the milk was, she must get it done herself.

Rama was recalling the incident of Gomti and Bhim Rao whilst she prepared tea.

Precap: An officer comes to inform the protestors that that have been called by the superiors to talk. People asks Bhim Rao to come along. Meera informs Bhim Rao that Rama left the house. Bhim Rao as leaving to find her. Joshi and other upper caste taunts him.

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