Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 7th March 2022, Written Update: Someone stabs Vaibhav.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 7th March 2022, Written Update: Someone stabs Vaibhav.

MUMBAI: Episode begins with Vaibhav requesting Bhim Rao to study. Varchand came and taunted Vaibhav for insulting his family name. Bhim Rao wanted Vaibhav to return to London immediately. Vaibhav refused because it became a fight of morals for him. In today case if he leaves the argument and the segregations of caste system which Bhim Rao has been trying to erase would remain at a standstill. He held Bhim Rao’s hand and took him to Guruji, he won’t let go of his friendship.

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Ramji was being questioned for his workload. Puranjan praised Ramji, he was a responsible man. Sethji didn’t consider Ramji physically fit for a job. He asked Ramji to run a round. Ramji asked him to start the count, Ramji started running. On his way back he fell down on his face. Puranjan hurriedly went to grab him. Sethji taunted Ramji and left. Ramji cried for turning old.
Bhim Rao and Vaibhav consulted Guruji. He agreed with Bhim Rao. Vaibhav defended himself. Guruji agreed with him as well. Bhim Rao questioned. Guruji said that according to different perspective they both were right. They must no argue on this, rather help each other. Rama came with a query as well. she informed them about Jijabai’s first husband. Guruji reminded Rama who she was, said that in order for Bhim Rao to succeed Rama must accomplish her life as well.

Joshi and Varchand were discussing Vaibhav. Varchand was disappointed at his brother. Joshi asked him to kill Bhim Rao. Varchand refused, it would create a chaos. Joshi suggested him to kill Vaibhav. Varchand asked him to recall that Vaibhav was his brother. Joshi said that blood wasn’t more important than Dharam. Vaibhav must be punished.

Vaibhav told Bhim Rao that once he reaches London, he would prepare forms to call Bhim Rao there. Bhim Rao told that he didn’t have enough money to submit form fee, for him attaining education here was enough. Vaibhav had called him a friend, he decided to take care of everything. Bhim Rao must prepare himself for education abroad. Vaibhav left to talk to his family. Rama said that there was no harm in going to London. Bhim Rao doubted taking money for him. Rama asked him to consider it a debt. They left to talk to everyone in the house about it.

Vaibhav was leaving for home. A man came and stabbed him for being friends with a lower caste.

Rama knew that Ramji would be extremely happy to hear the news of Bhim Rao going to London.

The man didn’t actually stab Vaibhav, the blood was fake. it was a warning for Vaibhav, he must not be friends with Bhim Rao otherwise somebody else might die. The man left. Vaibhav recalled the stabbing moment. He cried.

Varchand and Joshi stood behind him. Varchand told Joshi that Vaibhav cried the most when their mother died. He consoled him and wanted to console him now. Joshi stopped him, said that it was done for Vaibhav’s future. Varchand would make Bhim Rao’s life hell for him once Vaibhav leaves for London.

Bhim Rao came home to injured Ramji. He questioned. Puranjan was about to tell the truth, but Ramji stopped him. Puranjan said that he tripped over a stone and fell. Bhim Rao’s father was old now. Bhim Rao wanted to comfort him, but Jijabai sent him back to his side of the house. Ramji inquired Bhim Rao about his studies. Rama informed him about Vaibhav’s plan to finance Bhim Rao’s education in London. He wanted to take Bhim Rao to London for further studies. Lakshmi dropped the pot. Meera mocked Lakshmi. Jijabai said that she must have been ashamed. Lakshmi told Bhim Rao that he loved people carrying his weight. Lakshmi went to bring more water for Ramji. Bhim Rao told that he denied the offer. Rama convinced him to accept the offer, consider it a debt. Jijabai said that Bhim Rao has never earned anything. His education has always been a burden for everyone. Him earning was necessary for the family and Rama.

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