Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 9th March 2022, Written Update: Varchand takes Vaibhav’s property.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar, 9th March 2022, Written Update: Varchand takes Vaibhav’s property.

MUMBAI: In this episode Vaibhav left. Varchand opposed Vaibhav’s stance to sell his property and educate Bhim Rao on London.
Vaibhav went to the tea stall to see the man lying on the floor crying, his entire tea stall was ruined. The tea vendor asked Vaibhav to stay away. Joshi asked if Vaibhav bumped into a man. He said that the man was being beaten near the dam. Vaibhav understood that it was Joshi’s doing he refused to stand back from his decision. Vaibhav would take his property through law. Joshi used chloroform to faint Vaibhav. The tea vendor got up as his work was done. Varchand granted the man with a prize, asked him to rebuild his shop and give the rest to the other man who bumped into Vaibhav. The man was asked to stay inside his house for two days, to avoid any suspects. They took Vaibhav and left.

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Guruji admired Vaibhav and Bhim Rao’s friendship. He was leaving for Nasik for few days, would return and inform Bhim Rao about the papers required for him to travel to London. They saw Ramji and Puranjan lifting heave sacks on their back. Bhim Rao questioned them. Ramji asked him to let them do the work, by doing s Sethji would give them enough money to pay Vaibhav’s debt. Bhim Rao requested him not to work. Guruji stopped Bhim Rao, said that Ramji won stop. Ramji and Puranjan left. Bhim Rao was extremely grateful for everyone who have worked for his education.

Vaibhav woke up tied to a chair. He questioned Varchand. Varchand had no choice but to do such. He brought the papers in which Vaibhav was transferring all of his property to Varchand. Vaibhav denied. Joshi said that he had no choice, spending money on lower caste was sin. Varchand asked Vaibhav to sign the papers. Vaibhav refused vehemently. Joshi called him an illiterate, then remembered that Vaibhav could simply stamp the paper.

Bhim Rao requested the officer to substitute him with his father. The officer asked where he was leaving. Bhim Rao informed that he was leaving for London, foe further education. The staff worker taunted if Bhim Rao was drunk. Bhim Rao said that he was getting help from his friend in Bombay.

Vaibhav refused to stamp the paper. Varchand asked Joshi. Joshi forcefully got the papers stamped by Vaibhav. Varchand would have happily given Vaibhav his property even if wanted to burn it but would never do such to help Bhim Rao. Joshi said that he can go to any police station but won’t get any help. they untied Vaibhav. Varchand told him to return home if he wanted to.

Bhim Rao pleaded the officer. The officer refused to hire anybody else at Bhim Rao’ place. Bhim Rao argued back, he was aware of the laws that another family member can work on the employees behalf. He requested the officer to hire his father at his place. The officer agreed, asked him to give his father a written application.

Vaibhav was tormented, didn’t now how he would take Bhim Rao to London. He was on the road, Bhim Rao questioned him about his condition and the blood. Vaibhav said that it was color. He left home to change his clothes. Bhim Rao stood there. Vaibhav turned back and hugged him. Bhim Rao inquired what happened to him. Vaibhav’s mother told him to hug whenever his heart let heavy, he used to hug her mother. After the death he never found a person whom he could hug until he met Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao asked Vaibhav why he was worried.

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