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I am writing this on behalf of millions of Bairi Piya fans to make a request to all the people linked with BairI Piya like Ekta Kapoor and Balaji and the production heads of all channels.

I am writing this on behalf of millions of Bairi Piya fans to make a request to all the people linked with BairI Piya like Ekta Kapoor and Balaji and the production heads of all channels.

All BP fans are heartbroken and very sad because our favourite serial has ended, but what makes us even more sad is that we all waited ages to see DV and Amoli together as a couple but we just got to see this in the last episode and for a very short period of time. I think this is very unfair to all the fans of BP because we find that the end was incomplete and abrubt. This is because at first the whole story went very slow and where we tought that "today Amoli will accept DV" never happened and now suddenly in just a very short period of time this happens and all problems get solved and THE END. What all fans wanted was to see this couple together and for more time. As for now the serial has ended but me and all BP fans we request from the bottom of our hearts please make a sequel of this great serial or at least make the jodi of Sharad Kelkar and Supriya Kumari come back together please. This serial has touch the heart of millions because a part from having a wonderful love story it gives a social message. There are very few serials which have come out to show the black side of our societies. This serial shows how landlords make a bad use of their power and abuse from the poor workers and rape their daughters for the reason of them not being able to give their debt back. All this unfortunaly still happens and serials like this can make us realise that and try and encourage us to do something against it. This serial acctually then shows that a greedy and evil lanlord CAN change into a better human being and in a realistic way it shows all the benefits coming from it and with the sequel this can be developed and also the sequel can treat with the rights of woman as at the end we could see that Amoli did take all DV`s responsabilities and how well she coped with them.

I don't think you will regret by making a sequel of Bairi Piya because this show has got a huge fan following around the world, i have came across with fans froms Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Norway and of course India and i am sure many more. A part from having fans all over the world an other positive thing of the serial is its actors, especially Sharad Kelkar. The role of Thakur DigVijay SIngh Barodia has stolen the hearts of millions and this is because it has been marvelosly represented by Sharad and this doesn't need to be said because his acting speaks for itself we just can't deny how well he has done his job, from the part of all DIVIANS A BIG STANDING OBATION FOR HIM AND HATS OFF ! Supriya Kumari has also done his job fantastically and the chemistry that Sharad and Supriya share on screen is just amaizing and superb. All the other members of the cast have also been very powerful in their performances. In a whole this serial has it all a great cast, great story and great chemistry between the leads and off course a show followed globally.

This is not just my opinion it is the opinion of millions of Bairi Piya fans who want to see Bairi Piya back on screen. Please by public demand do think of making a sequel of this show and surely you won't regret it.

Thanks to all of you for taking your time and read this.

Kind regards

Faiza Mahmood


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Very well said FAIZA !! u have wonderfully depicted d voice of millions of BP fans :) !! Yes, we know everything which starts has to end one day; but we the ardent viewers of BAIRI-PIYA can't digest this very fact because of it's unfinished, abrupt & forced ending. It's making us feel "emotionally claustrophobic" as we are feeling cheated by the people who's responsible for snatching away our only means of entertainment. We therefore demand to give us our show back & to set us all free from this anxiety.
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Disappointment, anguish and ego has not taken over the millions of fans of this very popular show,BAIRI PIYA, and they have begun their fight to get back their show with either a Sequel or a Season-2; also, with the same actors only who have played the main leads, Sharad Kelkar & Supriya Kumari and with a voice that booms out,
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Still bent upon getting their favorite show back on-screen once again through a Bairi Piya Sequel or even a Season-2 of the show, and that too, without any compromise being made on the male leads Sharad-Supriya, who have rung a thousand bells in the hearts of their fans with their awesome chemistry, fans of Bairi Piya have now engaged themselves in various attempts to get their show back, by contacting Ekta & Balaji TeleFilms through fervent emails, email requests sent to various media & channels, Facebook Profile Messages & Wall postings, articles on leading Television-related websites, making telephone calls to Balaji & leading television channel offices, petitioning, Discussions on Facebook pages etc. And they have all decided that they will not rest till they have achieved their goal of getting their show back, either by way of a Sequel to the show, or by a Season-2 with a different but similar storyline and with the same lead pair only.
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Than u so much for publishing this article TC thanks a lot. We hope our voices will be heard by BT and Ekta maa'm and give us the sequel of Bairi Piya soon, we the fans of BP will greatful to them, and thanks once again for this article.
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I think it is really unfair and unjust to the widespread audience who loved Bairi Piya completely. Balaji/Ekta should reconsider their decision and get this show back for another season. I mean for a person like me who detested daily soaps and all the saas/bahu sagas courtesy Ekta and to get back to watching a daily soap coming from her production company is huge. I used to make fun of people addicted to these daily soaps but I could not stop myself from getting addicted after Bairi Piya and I had to take back my own words. It was unceremoniously dropped when the story was going good and a lame excuse give by Asvini Yardi of Colors that a Love Story does not have a lot of scope when the channel gave least importance and Zero promotion to this show. I think Balaji should get this show back with Sharad/Supriya in the lead role again in a big way. I think for the sake of all the hardcore fanatics of this show there should be a another season for sure.
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i agree with you faiza !!!! thakur is an iconic character and has enthralled audiences world wide!!! it is sooo dificult to even pass a single day without him on our telly's!!!!!!!!! pleeaaseeee balaji and all the concerned authorities please do listen to us!!!!! you have heeded to the calls of your fans once before and ended their misery!!!!! please have mercy on us dvians tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
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It is the earnest request from the millions of fans of BAIRI PIYA worldwide, to Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefims and the various channels to help them out in their endeavor, by accepting their pleas & demands for a Sequel/ a Season-2 of the show, and making millions of fans around the world happy through their decision. By this, they will be giving them back the breath of their lives and also their favorite Thakur Digvijay-Amoli jodi. They will also benefit immensely as once the show returns, they will get much more viewership not only amongst their Indian audiences, but also from around the globe as it was before too. Just take a look at the following links to know what viewers expect and would like to be shown to them in the Sequel: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bairipiyasequel/ http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bairipiyasequel/signatures http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bairipiyasequel/blog And it is also an earnest request to them to make it As Soon As Possible, while the minds of viewers are still fresh from watching Bairi Piya.
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yes agree this show are great and we want it back as sequel or season
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I think this is very unfair to all the fans of Bairi Piya because we find that the end was incomplete and abrubt. Me and all BP fans we request from the bottom of our hearts please make a sequel

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