Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Decides To Leave Harini’s House


MUMBAI: Yashwant asks Surekha why she is so upset and says Ishan showed how much he hates Isha. Surekha says there is anger in blood relationships and not hatred, he shouldn’t underestimate Isha as Isha has sent her aide Savi behind Ishan who tries to develop a sense of sympathy in Ishan’s mind towards Isha, she will not let that happen. Yashwant says she can do whatever she wants to, but Ishan shouldn’t be hurt. Surekha calls Isha and accuses her of playing dirty games, first she shifted from Ramtek to Pune, then took Shantanu on her side with her drama, then took over their old house, and soon wants to take over all their properties. Isha says she is not playing any game, didn’t ask Shantanu to stay with her. Surekha says she can’t fool her. Isha says she is not fooling anyone and warns her to stop her baseless allegations and disconnects call. Shantanu brings juice for her and asks what happened. Isha shouts at him why don’t he return to his house, everyone accuse her because of him, etc.

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Harini locks herself in a room to protect herself from Kiran. She realizes she left her phone and bag outside. Harini returns home from wedding and panics seeing Kiran’s forehead injury. Savi hears her voice, runs, and hugs her. Harini asks what happened. Savi recalls Kiran’s threat to not reveal Harini about him molesting her or else he will disown Harini and her child. She says she got emotional seeing her returning home. Kiran lies that he slipped in bathroom and injured his forehead. After some time, Savi cries lying in her bed. Harini walks to her to check on her and finds her in tears. Savi says she is missing her grandparents. Harini says she informed Kiran about her pregnancy and tomorrow will inform her grandparents. Savi says she feels happy for Harini. Next morning, Savi gets ready for hostel with her bag. Harini asks why she is taking her bag along. Harini says she will get a hostel accommodation today and leaves. Kiran asks Harini why Savi left home early today. Harini informs that Savi told that she will get hostel accommodation today and asks what would he like to have in breakfast today. Kiran says he got some important work and leaves without having breakfast.

Asmita and Shikha visit Isha and Shantanu. They ask about Isha’s health. Isha says she is fine. Asmita introduces Shikha to Isha. Shikha gives them dishes and says they brought whole day’s dishes so that Isha and Shantanu can stop working in kitchen and spend time together. Isha and Shantu look at each other’s face. At college, Nishikant informs Yashwant and Ishan that they need to finalize candidate for hostel accommodation and Savi’s name is in the list top and they have to give her accommodation as promised earlier. Yashwant asks when did they and thinks he is trying to impress Isha with this act. Nishi says slip of tongue, Savi had given application long ago and her name is in the top priority. Ishan says they should let Savi stay in their hostel as wherever she travels, she brings trouble along. Savii enquires clerk about her accommodation. Clerk says management will decide about it today. Ishan continues to oppose Savi’s accommodation at their hostel. Shukla informs them that Savi’s brother-in-law Kiran wants to talk to them.

Also read - Exclusive! “The one thing that I don’t like about Sonakshi is that every day she brings Kaju Katri on sets and am unable to eat it” - Nandini Tiwari



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