Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th August 2020 Written Update: Choti comes home in a basket

MUMBAI: Scene 1

Guddan prepares for Arti. Laxmi and Durga bring the rest of the things. AJ is outside the shed. He prays and says I know Choti is around. I beg you please help me find her. Your Guddan is waiting for her. I can’t go empty-handed. She can’t survive Janmashtami without her daughter. Please, this is the last thing I am asking from you. The woman with basket walks past him. Motu Patlu are walking behind her. The woman leaves the basket there. A block falls from the building on the woman. AJ saves her and the basket. He says are you okay? She says thank you for saving my life. I will pray for you. AJ gives her the basket. AJ says why do I feel like Choti is around? I only want my daughter. Nothing else.


Ganga says are you done with Janmashtami preps? Guddan says Laxmi, Durga please prepare for Arti. Ganga says why is everyone doing Arti? Is Choti back home? Guddan says when my Choti is back, I will know it first. Ganga says I thought you’re doing this for her coming back. But this is again the one where you’re begging. Please God, give me my daughter back. Guddan says God listens to us. Ganga says if he listened, would AJ be sitting sick in his room? And would you burn Durga? This is all nonsense. Guddan says it would be for you. Ganga says I am being heard, give me arti. Her pallu catches fire. Ganga screams, please help me. Please someone do something. Guddan extinguishes the fire. Laxmi says feels like your connection from God is broken. Durga says Guddan is being heard there. Ganga says she burned you, aren’t you done praising her? I put sanitizer on the saree that’s why this happened. Guddan says this happened because you’re making an innocent baby suffer. You are paying for your sins. Ganga leaves. Durga says to Guddan don’t cry. God is with our Choti Guddan.


Scene 2

Motu and Patlu are after the woman. They try to snatch her basket. The woman hits them hard and they run with the basket. Patlu says this girl has gotten us so beaten. Motu says what would her mother be like if she is like this? Motu asks Patlu to bring water. Motu falls asleep. Choti comes out of the back. A delivery guy is there. Choti crawls to his basket and gets inside it. He picks it and leaves. Guddan prays and says I have faith that Choti will come back. Guddan sees (imagines) her in the temple. Bell rings. Guddan feels something.


Guddan says is that AJ with Choti? The delivery guy is outside. Guddan says Choti.. She feels her. Guddan runs and opens the door. The delivery boy says does Ganga Jindal live here? Here’s her parcel. He gives Guddan the basket. Guddan feels weird. Ganga takes the basket before Guddan and says this is mine. She goes inside. Ganga asks Laxmi to bring plates. She says I have ordered so much food. Guddan says why do I feel like Choti is around? Why can’t I see her then? Guddan looks at the basket. Guddan is about to pick it but Ganga picks it before her and says what do you want? My food? Guddan says I don’t need your food. This came from outside and needs to be sanitized. Ganga says I can do it. Guddan says it’s useless to expect any good thing of you. Guddan feels weird about the basket. She looks at it.


Precap-Guddan asks Laxmi to bring fruits for arti. Guddan says why do I keep feeling Choti is near me? Guddan sees Choti from the window.


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Credit: Telly Updates


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