Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 10th December 2020, Written Update: Nanhe lal opposes for marketing people

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Radhe opening the door and finds Awasti standing. He thinks Awasti has a problem of sleep walk. He thinks he will go. Awasti tells that he has churan and do marketing even in sleep time. Sarla says we couldn’t do marketing when woke up too. Radhe asks him to sleep and let them sleep too. Awasti says I will treat your sleep and sings a song. Gudiya and Swetey come there. Gudiya says Nanhe Chacha came, and then says he didn’t come. Awasti gets scared and relaxes. He dances on laila o laila song.

Sweety misses Pappu very much and reminisces him. Sarla asks why are you crying? Sweety says I am missing him. Sarla, Radhe, Pappu and others get sad too. Awasti comes out of bathroom and tells that he is with them in their sad moment, and that’s why giving them an offer. He says if you make one member then I will give 10 members free. Pappu comes there, making everyone happy. Gudiya says who will make him member now? Everyone tries to make Pappu as their member. Pappu says I want to say. Gudiya says if you become member of 1 person, then other two will get upset. Everyone gives their own reasoning, trapping Pappu to become their member. Pappu says I am not becoming anyone’s member and says I will become by myself. He asks where is Awasti ji? Nanhe lal comes there. Awasti hides. Nanhe lal asks Pappu, how is he? Pappu says fine.

Nanhe lal says he got Gudiya’s call again. Chunni lal says they got doubtful again. Nanhe lal asks why did you call me? Sarla says Gudiya thinks that you are having problem with cook. Awasti goes to the kitchen and hides. Gudiya says cook is not marketing guy and now AV marketing guy. Chunni lal says I understood. Sweety tells Pappu that Papa hates marketing guys. Gudiya finds him sitting under the kitchen slab and cleaning the cucumber. Nanhe lal asks him why is he sitting here? Awasti makes an excuse. Nanhe lal asks how can a cook have so much gold with him. Radhe makes an excuse that he was a cook in Maharaj’s palace. Gudiya says who gives gold to marketing guy. Sarla goes and scolds her. She asks Nanhe lal to come with her. Nanhe lal and Chunni lal go with her. Sarla asks him to become her member and explains about marketing. Nanhe lal is shocked and asks how did you get trapped in this?

Sarla says I came to know that you hate such business, but you have to support me and asks if he is ready. She asks do you agree…(qubool hai)…Nanhe lal imagines her sitting as a bride….he says qubool hai….Gudiya gets happy. Chunni lal says you had said that you will beat those marketing guys. Nanhe lal says he will not let his innocent samdhan ji do this business, will beat that guy who asked her to do this work. Awasti gets scared and hides. Nanhe lal asks Chunni lal to enquire about the marketing guys. Gudiya asks him to listen. Nanhe lal says he will listen later and asks who has woken up shop keeper in samdhan ji. Gudiya says she will handle him and asks Sweety to take Nanhe lal to room. Sweety takes Nanhe lal to room. Gudiya jumps and goes inside the kitchen, pot falls down on Awasti’s head and he faints. Gudiya thinks he is dead. Pappu checks is nerve and says his breath is stopped. Radhe says yes, but….Gudiya blames the lota. Sarla says how can he go at this time. She says what did you do. Radhe says it is a murder.

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