Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 10th November 2020, Written Update: Jhumri gets jealous of Gudiya

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gudiya stopping on the way to buy diya at the road side seller. Pappu and Radhe tell that they will buy lamp from the shop seeing the variety. Gudiya convinces them to buy simple diya. They buy diya for some money. The lady blesses them and tells that she was sitting here since long, but nobody was buying anything from her. Gudiya buys another diya and gives her 2000 Rs note. The lady tells that she doesn’t have the change. They ask her to keep it. Sarla asks Gudiya, Radhe and Pappu about the money she has given. She tells that Rajkumari bua sent her 2000 Rs, but they have spent it. Pappu asks her to hear them. Guddu tells that they have given the money to someone, to make her Diwali special. Jhumri comes there. Gudiya tells everything to Sarla. Sarla asks Pappu to send some sarees to that lady. Sweety asks Pappu to send make up stuff to her. Radhe and Pappu appreciate them. Pappu gets a call and tells that he is getting the money from someone who was due to him. They all get happy thinking that they will get 20000 Rs now. Jhumri hears them.

Pappu brings 20000 Rs and shows to Sweety. He gives money to Sarla. Sweety cries. Jhumri looks on. Sarla goes to her room and keeps the money in the locker. Jhumri looks at where Sarla has kept the money and smiles.

Later Gudiya asks Sarla about the importance of Puja. Radhe tells that the importance of Dhanteras puja. Pappu says we light this diya for prosperity. Gudiya asks if someone don’t light the diya then will they don’t prosper. Jhumri switches off the lights and steals the money. Gudiya comes there and catches her red handed. Jhumri smiles and calls everyone. She asks them to handle their daughter and tells that Gudiya gave money in her hand and wanted to prove her thief, kept the money in her hand. Sarla beats her. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety think that Gudiya might want to help her and that’s why gave money. Sarla takes the money. Jhumri thinks Gudiya’s parents trust her a lot, but not my parents. She thinks to break their trust.

Radhe, Pappu, Sarla, Sweety, Bantu apply uptan to their bodies. They all feel itching and ask Gudiya what did she add? Jhumri tells that Gudiya has applied good uptan and mixed wrong thing in their uptan. A fb is shown, Gudiya takes uptan from the bowl. Jhumri comes there and mixes something in everyone’s uptan. Fb ends. All the family member laugh. Radhe tells that they don’t believe Jhumri and tells Gudiya that they are enjoying together. Jhumri thinks Gudiya has good destiny and thinks to change her destiny with hers.

Pappu and Radhe sell sarees in the shop. Sweety stops Pappu and asks him to dance. Pappu tells that there are many customers at home. She insists. They dance on the song tu premi….

Sarla calls him. Pappu runs. Radhe talks to God and tells that he was trapped by the clever fox Sarla. Bantu tells Radhe that Mama asked him to bring biscuits with tea. Radhe asks him to clean the fridge. Bantu finds sweets and tells that he will give it to Guddu as he likes it. Radhe says ok.
Jhumri thinks of Guddu. She goes to Gudiya’s room and gets dressed as Gudiya. She combs her hairs as Gudiya as well. She thinks now I will see for how many days, bajar battu’s friend will be his friend.

Precap: Jhumri touches Guddu while he is taking bath and he gets upset with Gudiya. Nanhe tells that Gudiya is lakshmi and Jhumri is alakshmi. Jhumri thinks to swap with her. 

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