Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 10th September 2020, Written Update: Guddu explains to Gudiya about the importance of marriage

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gudiya telling Sarla that she is going out. Sarla stops her, but Gudiya runs away. She asks Radhe to bring Bobby from haveli and send them off. Bobby looks at Gabbar and tells that he is also good. Matai says he will kill you. Bobby says Guddu ji. Nanhe lal, Pappu and Radhe come there. Pappu asks what are you doing here? Radhe asks him to answer. Bobby tells that he was forced to come to get married, but he doesn’t want to marry. They take Bobby from there. Nanhe lal tells Guddu that he has many lovers and tells that he brought good toffee. Guddu says ok, but don’t let Dadi amma and badi amma know about his. Atta chacha asks for money. Guddu tells that he will give money to him later. Putli Bai comes there with Harbheji. She asks what happened? Nanhi tells that our thing got saved. Atta tells that their Guddu’s respect got saved. Matai says there is no problem. Atta tells that Bobby didn’t come. Putli Bai asks who has come? Matai says Bobby and tells everything. Putli Bai hears them and tells that hungry persons came seeing the ripened mangoes. Everyone laughs. Harbheji blames the neighbors and Gudiya. Putli Bai asks what is Gudiya’s mistake in this?

Sarla scolds Radhe and Pappu for trying to take credit and asks Nanhe lal not to be under pressure to bring such alliance. She says I am freeing you from this responsibility from now onwards. Sweety gets happy. Sarla says Radhe and Pappu shall get Gudiya married. Pappu says I will get her married. Nanhe lal thinks Samdhan ji burdened off responsibility from me. Sarla serves halwa for Guddu and asks Bantu to give to him. Gudiya says Guddu is my friend and I will give. She takes halwa and runs. Sarla asks Nanhe lal if he wants to have halwa. Nanhe lal gets happy. Gudiya comes to Guddu’s room and tells that Amma has sent halwa for him. Guddu eats halwa and asks if she is feeling bad as her marriage is not fixed. Gudiya says it is not the first time and tells that many guys came and left. She tells that she don’t want to marry and asks if marriage is important. Guddu tells that marriage is important and tells that marriage makes the life happy and asks if she makes colorless painting. Gudiya says who makes such painting. Guddu says life is like colorless painting without marriage. Gudiya asks if he don’t want to make his life colorful. Guddu tells that he is bal brahmachari and can’t marry, as hanuman ji didn’t get married. Gudiya asks if hanuman ji’s life was like colorless painting. Guddu says what are you saying, how can you compare me and hanuman ji, he was God. Gudiya says yes, but you are a human, then why you are copying him and tells that my Amma is a big devotee of Krishna, but that doesn’t mean that she has become a big thief.

Guddu smiles and tells that you are just a rare breed. Gudiya thanks him and asks if he really don’t want to marry. Guddu says yes, I am bal brahmachari and don’t want to marry. Gudiya says then I am bal Gudiya and don’t want to marry. Guddu asks if you will break your family’s hopes with you and asks her to marry for her family. Gudiya says she will marry and asks what happens after marriage. He gets shocked and says whatever happens between your Amma and Bau ji and Pappu and Sweety. Gudiya asks fighting…He says yes. She tells that she don’t want to marry. Guddu says you shall agree to your friend’s sayings. Gudiya asks him to answer her questions. Guddu says your family can answer you better and tells that he has to study now. Gudiya says you don’t have the basic knowledge and asks him to study. She goes. Guddu apologizes to hanuman ji and asks him to get her married soon.

Gabbar sees Gudiya leaving and shouts…Harbheji asks what happened, why is he shouting? Gabbar tells that she has shouted at him. Atta asks if he is going to foreign. Gabbar says yes, I will go there and asks how? Atta asks him to shout and make them feel proud. Gabbar laughs aloud and smiles. Atta asks for his fees. Harbheji gives him money and says you are drinking much. Atta tells that he drinks as she gives him money. Harbheji says I want you to forget yourself and then only you will forget Asha. Atta says you are great and tells that he has a good idea. Harbheji says I have to go as kheer is on the gas stove. Gabbar comes to Attta and snatches money from him. He says I will go to foreign.

Radhe sits to grind the chutney. Sweety asks him to put black salt. Sarla asks him to get up and asks Sweety to grind the chutney. Sweety says oh shit. Radhe tells Sarla that he will not get up. Pappu asks her to be quiet. Sarla scolds him for taking wife’s support and tells that your servants are in your wife’s service. Pappu asks why are you scolding me now. Radhe calls her as sigdi devi. Gudiya comes and asks what happens after marriage? Sarla asks if she didn’t see what happens after marriage and tells that a simple woman gets name of Sigdi devi..and asks him to learn from his son. She says he is cleaning meethi leaves and sweety is cleaning her nails. Radhe asks her to become silent. Gudiya asks Radhe, what happens after marriage. Radhe says that Gajgamini becomes gobi ka phool and troubles husband after marriage. Sweety laughs and says Gobi ka Phool is Amma. Pappu asks her to be quiet else it won’t be good. Sweety cries calling Papa. Gudiya asks her to tell what happens after marriage. Sweety asks if she can’t see, tells that husband shouts at wife and tortures her. Gudiya goes to Pappu and asks what happens after marriage. Pappu tells that he feels suffocated, one side is fire and other side is valley and says that life becomes hell. Sweety cries and says you called me fire. Sarla says he called fire to me and called you valley. Sweety says I am fire, Amma is set off flame. Sarla cries. Radhe asks her to shut up. Sweety says what did you ask her Bau ji. Pappu asks her to be quiet. Gudiya says if marriage is so dangerous then why everyone wants to get her married.

Precap: Gabbar attacks Matai. Putli Bai asks harbheji if she wants to get him married seeing his condition. Gudiya wishes to help Gabbar.

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