Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 11th November 2020, Written Update: Jhumri and Gudiya swap their roles

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Matai telling Guddu that he is going out and asks him to close the door. He leaves. Guddu is taking bath and asks him to close the door while leaving. Jhumri comes there and thinks she will do the work and Gudiya will pay for it. She rubs soap on his back and touches him. He washes his face and asks who is here? He sees Jhumri and thinks she is Gudiya and asks what are you doing? Jhumri says I am hugging you as friendship is not enough for her. Guddu asks what happened to your thoughts and asks her to move back. She says until you come near me, how you will know about me. Guddu says I have to become pure, you have made me impure. He pours water on his head. Jhumri says I got drenched. Guddu asks her to go else he will kill a girl. Jhumri goes. Bantu sees her coming back and going to Gudiya’s room. Jhumri changes the clothes and becomes Jhumri again. Bantu hears Gudiya coming and gets surprised. He asks Jhumri about wearing Gudiya’s clothes. Jhumri scolds him and asks him to do his work. Nanhe lal comes home and asks Radhe what is he doing? Radhe tells that he is cleaning. Sarla comes there and tells that the family members shall clean the house so that she feels that today is Diwali. Jhumri calls Sarla and tells that she has cleaned the hall. Sarla blesses her. Pappu brings 30000 Rs and gives to Sarla. Jhumri looks on.

Gudiya calls Guddu to the window. Guddu comes there. she says today is choti Diwali. Guddu asks what shall I do? He asks her to stay far from him. Gudiya asks what did I do? She says I had gone to bring diya for you. Guddu asks her to thank him as he is talking to her, else he wouldn’t have talked to her. Gudiya runs. Jhumri comes to Guddu and tells that she has seen Gudiya coming from there in wet clothes. She asks if Gudiya is his friend. Guddu says not anymore. Jhumri says it is not her mistake. Guddu gets tensed and goes. Bantu hears them.

Later Jhumri thinks Gudiya got a loving brother and family. Gudiya tells that she has light the lamp for her. Jhumri scolds her. Sarla asks Jhumri to come down. Jhumri refuses. Sarla sends food for her through Bantu. Nanhe lal tells that Sarla is Annapurna and Lakshmi for us. Sarla tells that Lakshmi is Gudiya for us. Radhe says we shall make Gudiya have food with our hand. He makes her have food with his hand. Jhumri yearns for love seeing them caring for Gudiya. Sarla feeds food to her also. Nanhe lal tells that Gudiya is Lakshmi and Jhumri is Alakshmi. Jhumri hears them and thinks she won’t let this chance go from her hands, says I will become lakshmi and this Jhalli will become Alakshmi. She calls Gudiya late at night and thanks her for calming down anger in herself. She says I was jealous of you, wanted to trap you and my anger went. Gudiya asks really and tells that she wants to give her Diwali gift. Jhumri says you can’t give me. Jhumri tells that if they can swap their roles for a day to celebrate Diwali. Gudiya agrees. Jhumri says you are good. Gudiya says yes I am.

Next day, Pappu comes down and greets Radhe, as happy diwali. Radhe wishes him and tells that his gift is ready too. Sweety asks for the gift. Radhe says I can give that gift to only Pappu and tells that he can go to bathroom after Bantu comes. Jhumri and Gudiya swap their roles. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety find Jhumri’s behavior similar to Gudiya. Gudiya as Jhumri goes inside the bathroom. Nanhe lal comes there and greets everyone. He comes to kitchen and says you are doing all the work alone. Sarla says I do all the work alone. Sweety says Amma got late today. Nanhe lal tells that he can’t see Samdhan ji working and asks him to handover work to him. Sarla gives cloth to Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal sits down to wipe the box. Chunni lal takes the pic. Nanhe lal asks him to delete. Gudiya runs to the upstairs room, colliding with Bantu. Nanhe lal tells that Jhumri’s family is coming to take her. Gudiya as Jhumri collides with Pappu and Radhe. Jhumri asks Sarla to beat her. Sarla says she didn’t do intentionally. Gudiya thinks if Sarla comes to know that it is her, then she will not leave her.

Precap: Jhumri tells that she will not leave this good family and will be Gudiya from now onwards. Gudiya says she is Gudiya. Jhumri asks her to prove. Both of them come out to prove that they are Gudiya. 

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